Staying at The Yurt Farm has made me re-evaluate some things over the last couple of weeks.

I’m not naïve enough to think that living in a tent full time with no electricity or mod-cons would be as fun and romantic as it seems for just a few days on holiday, but that kind of life still appeals to me in many ways.

I love the connection to the land and the wildlife. I love the peace and quiet and being outside all the time. I love that you’re not constantly surrounded by man-made products, fabrics and chemicals. I love that the food is fresh from the farm and hasn’t travelled for miles or been covered in pesticides (and genuinely tastes better as a result). I love that appearance doesn’t matter and clothes are chosen for practicality and warmth rather than style and make.

I love that life seems simpler. 

It really struck me while I was away how much I loved working practically to go about daily life.  If we wanted to cook a meal or keep warm we had to go and collect wood, make a fire and keep it burning all night; we couldn’t just flick the boiler switch, shove a meal in the microwave and go back to watching the TV.  Our entertainment was watching the fire, toasting marshmallows and talking. The exercise, fresh air and sunshine improved our mood and made us sleep better. 

I’m not advocating that we regress back to living hippy lifestyles in mud-huts; it’s just that when my day was filled with more practical tasks I had less time to worry, I had less time to waste on the computer, less time to compare myself with others and less time to spend money on things I don’t need.  I felt like I had achieved something of worth. 

Considering all of this has inspired me to:

- Be more practical.
I’m not a slovenly person, but when I'm home all day with the baby and I'm tired from a sleepless night it is sometimes hard to motivate myself to do chores. However I need to remember that I genuinely feel better when I have achieved things, the more practical the better!

- Get back to buying more organic products.
We already receive an organic veg box each week and use some organic/eco-friendly toiletries and cleaning products but I aim to make this the norm. rather than an occasional purchase. Organic tends to be more expensive but once you stop buying into all the adverts which make you think you need six types of face cream to look beautiful you can save money in other areas. 

- Cook more from scratch.
We eat pretty well already but I’d like to make more effort to be a bit more creative in the kitchen and cook more from scratch – especially baby food. I’ve just started making my own bread again which is such an easy thing to do and is much more healthy than the shop-bought stuff.

- Have less.
I aim to de-cutter more, buy less and be contented with what we have rather than what society tells us we need. 

None of this is new; in fact this is just a repeat of stuff I’ve been blogging about for years. However, sometimes it’s easy to just get sucked into consumerism, clutter and convenience (ha! get me and my alliteration!) and it’s good to get a reminder of what makes me happiest. Living simple.


  1. I totally agree. I love living simple and being productive. :)

  2. We just moved and I've had all the same feelings as we packed up all our "clutter"... we just don't need all this STUFF! I grew up in Africa... we rarely had electricity, always cooked from scratch, and didn't have many belongings, but we had such a great childhood and were always happy. I want that for my kids!