- I haven’t been blogging much recently because I’ve been out enjoying family time in the beautiful sunshine. Knowing the British weather this is all the summer we’re going to have so I need to make the most of it.

- Last weekend we visited our friends near Birmingham. We had lots of fun in the pool/ hot tub, eating lots of food, toasting Andy Murray’s Wimbledon win, playing games and lots more. 

- I have visited three National Trust properties this week. I shall also be collecting my old age pension soon. 

- I realise I’m several years behind the whole world but I read the Hunger Games this week. In a day. Ivy was fed and watered but that’s about it. I will be picking up the other two from the library at the crack of dawn tomorrow. 

- Today we visited Wiltshire and Josh got completely lost on a walk with Ivy. I ended up driving around aimlessly doing 70-point-turns in farm tracks to try and find him. Stressful!

- However, on the way home we saw someone driving with a massive taxidermied* beaver sat up and strapped into their passenger seat. We laughed A LOT.

- Finally - Ivy started crawling for real today. Happy times! It’s time to do the final baby-proofing!
How are you all enjoying the summer?

* I realise this isn't actually a word but you get the idea!

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  1. Hooray for crawling babies! so fun. :)

    The Hunger Games was such a good series! I think everyone who gives them a try gets consumed and neglects daily things like showering, cooking and cleaning. :)