30/52 & 10 Months

30/52 This photo sums you up lately…inquisitive and wanting to touch everything – especially if it’s meant to be out of bounds (like an open window or a glass vase!)
This week has been fairly quiet, although I feel like you’re growing really quickly and seem to filling out a lot! You enjoyed a trip to the beach on Wednesday even if your cruel parents wouldn’t let you eat the sand.

At 10 months:

- you confidently crawl everywhere. You’re starting to pull up on things and will happily stand if we lift and steady you.

- you don’t want to stay still for a moment.

- you love to clap and be clapped. You love it when we praise you!

- you dance when music starts playing – especially if it’s your daddy on the guitar. 

- you have developed a fear of loud noises like my hair dryer or the vacuum cleaner. You didn’t used to be bothered by it. 

- your favourite meals are Vegetable Lasagne and Spaghetti Bolognese. You are still having three milk feeds a day.

- your favourite toys are your coloured balls and your walker. However, you’re much more interested in anything else that isn’t a toy (cables, old books, computers, lamps…)

I love spending time with you little one! 10 months is such a fun age!


  1. :) this smiley sums it all up for me. Gorgeous!

  2. Yes! My little girl is 10 months as well and this is just exactly what she is like - into everything, especially things that are Not Toys. I have a gazillion heart attacks a day watching her almost hit her eye on pointy coffee table corners, go for the cat food, turn the nappy bin into a walker, pull DVDs off shelves just above her head, reach for my mug of hot tea - you name it, she's into it. But you're right, it's such a fun age, they really show their personality.

  3. Ivy is such a pretty little thing! My eight month old is not crawling yet...I am excited for him to start yet at the same time I'm enjoying not having to be so careful about keeping things out of reach yet! Love the quilt, by the way - did you make it?