26 & 27/52

26/52 You have been a bit sad and grumpy this week, but you are changing so quickly it’s not surprising that it’s all a bit overwhelming. You have also developed separation anxiety and hate strangers or being put down but I’ve enjoyed the extra snuggles you’ve wanted as a result.

27/52 I cannot believe how much you have developed in only a week. In only the last few days you have got so much more mobile and can now sit up and get into crawl position from lying down, crawl backwards (but not forwards!) and pull yourself up on things.
This weekend you have enjoyed your first experience of really hot weather by chilling out by the pool and relaxing in the hot tub at our friend’s house in Birmingham. You loved the bubbles in the hot-tub!

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  1. naww! She is so delightful. It is such a joy to see her growing up. give her a squeeze from me xx

  2. so funny when they crawl backwards it used to make me chuckle that the object of desire would get further away and the harder they tried to reach it the further away they got! hope she is a bit happier this week.
    Love Su