Last week we went ‘Glamping’ in West Wales. We stayed at The Yurt Farm last year when I was pregnant and we absolutely loved it so we couldn’t wait to go again.

We weren’t too sure how it would work out taking Ivy along with us but she seemed to love the animals and playing in the grass. She developed a particular attachment to the chickens and laughed uproariously at them every time they came near.

However, sleep was a bit of an issue as she didn’t really settle well in her travel cot and she barely slept the first night. Normally we’d just leave her to settle herself but we didn’t want to disturb the other guests! She was okay after the first night though and slept right through the other three nights – phew!

From the second day we had the whole place to ourselves and it was AMAZING. The yurts are based on an organic farm and are just in a field in the middle of nowhere.  
Exploring the countryside, reading outside in the sunshine, looking after the animals, cooking organic produce on an open fire and being in the fresh air…it’s literally our perfect holiday.

It was also improved by two groups of friends coming to visit from Aberystwyth for an evening meal cooked on the fire (both got hopelessly lost on the way..oops!). It was fun to eat, build a fire and catch up as darkness fell. 


We were loving it so much we decided to stay for an extra night but even that was over too quickly and we were soon heading home laden with organic farm lamb, potatoes, peas, courgettes, tomatoes and eggs (all of which were delicious) and happy memories of our family escape to the countryside. 

We hope to go back soon!


  1. I love you guys! Your blog makes me so happy. Love you all xx