Visitors Book with seascape photography {Giveaway}

We tend to have a lot of visitors in our home - both for meals and longer stays - so I’ve wanted to get a visitors book to record all of our guests for a while. My parents have one that includes visitors to my Grandparents’ house and I love looking through it over fifty years later and reading the comments and thanks. 

However, when it came to buying a book I couldn’t find anything I liked. I wanted it to be beautiful and original but I could only find plain, boring books that might be used by a business….so I decided to design my own!

I love it so much I have decided to make it available to everyone! I am proud to present…my visitors book:

It has 56 pages containing over 350 spaces for guests to leave their name, address and messages all illustrated with beautiful sea-scape photography taken by me and Josh. It uses un-coated paper which is suitable for use with all pens or pencils. 

You can see a preview and purchase the book here

I’m also giving away a copy to one blog reader - you can enter for your chance to win below. The giveaway is open to all.
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  1. What a great idea! I love it!

  2. Amazing idea Rachel its really personal which adds that extra special factor!

  3. My last guest was probably my friend Sarah. She's my daughter's teacher and we have become great friends. :)

    Love this book and idea! So fun!

  4. Great idea and a beautiful book! my last guest was a gentleman called Pravim he is the Father of one of Rebecca's school friends who moved back to India last year - he bought Rebecca's birthday card from India!!!

  5. I have a guest currently staying with me - colloquially called "Hot Nathan", he's staying on the sofa until July. Safe to say he lives up to his name!x

  6. My parents who live a while away :) x

  7. Lets see.... it's been a while but we often have a couple friends that we adore stay with us when they are in town. Now that I think of it, I should be sending out an invite again. It's been too long!