Nine Months


 At nine months Ivy:

>> really wants to crawl but hasn’t quite worked out how to move out of the hands and knees position, and gets frustrated as a result. 

>> will find every bit of fluff or dirt on the floor and eat it. 

>> says Dada all the time.

>> has been quite grumpy and clingy for the last couple of weeks but we’re not sure why. Frustration, bordem, teething?? Who knows. 

>> doesn’t like getting dressed or having her nappy changed. 

>> loves bath time and socialising. 

>> is sleeping through the night but is waking up a bit early for my liking (6am ish). 

>> still enjoys lots of different food and is having three or four milk feeds a day alongside regular meals.

>> has the most hilarious throaty chuckle. It brings me so much joy!

Ivy has now been out of the womb longer than she was in – how is time going so quickly?! It’s amazing to watch her change and learn things every single day. 

{Newborn to nine months}


  1. She is just so gorgeous! I love seeing how she's growing along. You must be one proud Mummy!

  2. Aww she's lovely. She's probably clingy because she's developing an awareness of object permenance. Up until now you have been quite literally 'out of sight out of mind' but her brain is now developing to enable her yo realise that when you aren't with her you still exist which is why separation anxiety begins to show. It can be difficult to start with but really she's jusy showing you how her brain is growing amazingly along with the rest of her :o)

  3. omg! so precious :) those little elbow patches!!