A portrait of Ivy every week in 2013

22/52 This week you have started waving and clapping and you find it hilarious is someone claps back at you. You’ve also started saying ‘Eh!’ to get attention or if you want someone to repeat an action.
You loved visiting your Great Granny and Great Aunty this weekend and playing with some vintage toys that belonged to your Granny! You weren’t too sure about the dancing penguin though so we had to hide him away!

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  1. she's beautiful!! Hope you're well. Missing you all xx

  2. So precious! And so beautiful to see her with her great granny... :)

  3. You sure do have a cutie!

  4. What a sweet beautiful child! How special that she has a great granny. Generations are so important in the scope of life. I can tell she's a loved baby.