2013 Bucket List #10: Chepstow Castle

 One of the good things about living in South Wales is that there are lots of historic castles around to explore.

Last week we headed off to Chepstow Castle and had a great day out. 

Construction began on Chepstow Castle in 1067. I just love that we can still visit buildings that were built and lived in NINE HUNDRED YEARS AGO. How mad is that?!

I also liked Chepstow because I have recently read some historical-fiction novels about the characters that owned or lived in the the castle over the years – namely William Marshall and Roger Bigod. It was easy to imagine them in-situ!

My favourite part of the castle though was the doors. Built no later than the 1190s it was amazing to get so close to something that would have been used by so many people over so many years. 

It was a great way to kick off our 2013 Bucket List!


  1. Oh wow!! Super cool! Makes me want to plan a vacation. :) We don't have anything at all like that around here.

  2. It's amazing that that wood work is still there after 900 years. Beautiful!!! Thanks for letting me visit another castle vicariously through you. :)