1/ End of year summer party 2/ Enjoying the sun {while it lasted!} 
3/ Lovely walk back from church 4/ Sleepy Ivy after a busy day

You may have noticed things are a bit quiet on the blog at the moment. 

It’s not because I’m now addicted to Angry Birds on my new phone {although that true}, but because Josh is in the middle of exam revision and is using the computer to revise most of the time.

He finishes on Thursday and I CANNOT wait. It feels like we haven’t had a fun adventure for months as college work has been pretty constant. 

Until then, friends! See you on the other side...


  1. Ivy is so sweet in her sun hat! Are these pictures from your new phone? I don't have one but it seems that it's easy to get great shots with your phone since it's so handy! I try to lug my camera around but it's too big to fit easily into my purse so it often gets left behind.

  2. I hope that come Friday you guys are able to enjoy the weekend without exams!!