Getting Smart

So, I finally took the plunge and got a smart phone.

I've been dithering around not really knowing what to buy for several years but yesterday when I was in town I saw a deal which included a free tablet so we decided to go for it. 

Here are some of the places you can connect with me on my new snazzy technology:

Twitter (TheNards)
Instagram (countrydreaming)

I'm slowly working it all out but I have a million questions, especially about apps and Instagram. Here are three for you...

- What apps would you recommend downloading (android)?
- How do I get montages of Instagram photos into blog posts?
- What is your favourite use of your smart phone?

Oh, also let me know your Twitter/Instagram names in the comments - I'd love to follow you!


  1. Do you have a Kindle - I love my Kindle app as it stays synced so when I'm out and have a spare few minutes I can carry on reading on my phone and then when I get back home ...

    Also use Bible app, memory verse app, geocaching, mileage recorder for travelling expenses, a guitar tuner app, a guitar chord library app, Facebook, twitter, youtube, if you use Dropbox you can keep everything synced across all your devices, weather forecast...

    Those are the ones I use most often and quite a lot of them were free.

  2. We are an almost exclusively Apple household so I can't recommend apps, but my daughter enjoys playing on my iPad, noisy apps are fab. I hope it's something that'll grow with her.

    Oneformybaby12 on Insta and @oneformybaby12 on Twitter. See you there.

  3. I went smart a couple of months ago after a lot of resistance. My brother bought me a subscription to Audible (audio books) but I didn't own anything modern enough to use it! So I've been enjoying the Audible app on my commute.

    Can I ask you a blogging question please as you are a blogger extraordinaire? I've been trying to post a video from my camera on my blog but the upload keeps failing. Do I need to do something to the video first? Thanks, loving the blog as ever :)

  4. Hey Rachel - how about using Flickr for mobile photos too? Now they have made their free service unlimited (used to cap you at 200 photos) I am back into it again.

    Instagram is a little frustrating as since they had a spat with Twitter you now don't get Instagram photos as previews in your Twitter feed so you have to click through just to see the photo. For that reason I often just ignore tweeted Instagram photos (unless the caption is really intriguing!)

    Try out Firefox or Chrome as better alternatives to the built-in internet app. You can also use BBC's iPlayer app to get on-demand TV, or more usefully, radio, programs, or listen to the digital-only stations.

    Have fun with the new toy and don't get too attached! :) (I recently heard a believable claim that smartphone users check their device 150 times a day.)

  5. Whatsapp!! For your phone :)
    Miss you! x