Barefoot in the Kitchen: Review and Giveaway

Before Christmas I blogged about how new motherhood had affected my spiritual life. I explained that I was struggling to find the time or motivation to have quiet times with God, and I was yet to sort out a new routine which included daily bible reading. 

After reading this blog post my sister gave me a great daily devotional book called Barefoot in the Kitchen by Alie Stibbe.

The book describes itself as “short bible-based reflections for every mother who has ever felt that parenting young children is something of a desert time”. Stibbe brings her own experiences of motherhood and shares some of the ways she has discovered God amidst the highs and lows of bringing up children.
Each study (taken from her various writings) contains a bible verse, devotional and ideas for prayer and is normally about 300 words long.

I’ve got to be honest – I generally find devotional ‘thought for the day’ style books frustrating. It only takes me a few minutes to read the bible verse and (someone else’s) thoughts on the passage and then I’m thinking “now what?”
Sometimes I’m struck by a point the author has made but mostly I’m left wanting more – I don’t find that they delve deep enough into the bible for me. 

However, Barefoot in the Kitchen has given me a pleasant surprise.
Yes – the reflections are short, and yes – it is someone else’s thoughts on the bible but that is the whole point.
In this time of intense change and busyness I don’t really have the time or energy for concentrated bible study, but I do have time to read a quick and inspiring devotion.

I love the way that Stibbe honestly shares her experiences of parenting – including her failures, struggles and flaws - and how God can work through them. She also throws in interesting biblical context which often gives verses a new meaning; her devotions, although short are by no means shallow and often spark my interest into further personal study.

Mostly, I love that Stibbe writes to mothers. It’s so easy to feel alone in motherhood but I sometimes feel that Stibbe could have written the devotions directly to me. It’s so reassuring to hear someone who feels the same as you – who struggles with the same things but can still encourage you to follow God through it all.

In conclusion, if you are a mother to young children and find reading the bible difficult (or know someone in this situation) I would highly recommend this book.
It has encouraged me to get back into regular bible reading and I have now worked a devotional time into Ivy’s daily routine (I read the bible while she plays after breakfast).
It is an honest, challenging and engaging devotional tool which is quick enough to use on a hectic day but which can also be a springboard for more in-depth personal study when time allows.

AND because I’m always a fan of encouraging people to read the bible I’m giving away a copy of Barefoot in the Kitchen to one blog reader. Just enter using the form below! (it looks complicated but it’s really not – just log in with Facebook!) GO!

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  1. I always enjoy reading your blog, it's so nice to hear how you are etc. Even if I don't win this I think I may buy it! I really struggle to find the time to read my bible, I tried to do a bible in a year back but I think I'm only just at the beginning of Feb!
    Take care and big hug to Josh, I mean Ivy :-D haha x

  2. the great gatsby just love that book and cant wait to see film .would love to win this though

  3. This book looks great! Thanks so much Rachel! I would love to enter the giveaway as long as it's open to readers in Canada :)

  4. Hello - I popped over from Stephanie's blog (Thirsty Soul) This looks like a great book - I try hard to get in a devotional time but often when I do I walk away thinking..."what did I just read..??" I usually feel the same away as you, about devotional books but what you wrote about this one, piqued my interest....so not sure if I can enter your contest or not, but would love to! :D

  5. i'm reading the hunger games

  6. I haven't read a book in a long time, but I just started reading "Calm My Anxious Heart" my Linda Dillow, and it's been excellent! Barefoot in the Kitchen sounds really good as well.

  7. I have been reading a lot of the Danielle Steel books :) x

  8. I'm like you, and I don't really get into 'daily thought' type devotionals, but perhaps we need them to help us along during those busy times and get-back-to-daily-devotional times. :) THanks for the chance to win!