8 Months

At eight months Ivy:

>> is sitting up, which is a major milestone in the last month. It has completely changed how she interacts with toys and she is getting more confident by the day. 

>> has worked out that she can affect how people react to her by smiling, laughing and bouncing. She loves showing off when people are around and all the attention it brings her. 

>> is happy. She has her odd grizzly day but she is generally very laid back, especially when we’re out and about or we have visitors as it gives her lots to look at. We went out for dinner on Sunday and she just sat happily all afternoon. She also had her first experience of Disney – she was entranced and kept laughing and bouncing. We don’t have a TV so she barely sees it normally!

>> loves to pat and stroke people’s hands, arms and faces. However her nails are super sharp and often scratch painfully!

>> is still eating well. I’ve been trying to be more proactive about making my own baby food and she seems to like it better than the pouches – although her favourite is still the Minted Pea and Lamb and Spaghetti Bolognese pouches.
Her routine is normally something like 7am feed and breakfast, 9am nap, 12pm lunch and feed, 1.30pm nap, 3pm feed, 5pm dinner, 6pm bath, snuggles, feed and bed.

>> has been sleeping much better the last couple of weeks. She isn’t sleeping through every night but much more regularly than she was. She started sleeping better when I stopped feeding her formula which is a bit random!

>> has become much more vocal. We had a few days last week when she was “BAAAA MAAAA BAAA”ing all day.

>> loves going to a new baby group, playing with different toys and making new friends. She seems to have a constant cold though but I guess it’s good to mix the germs?!

>> loves song time.

>> needs a haircut {I'm in denial}

She is changing so rapidly. We love our little family!

{newborn to eight months}


  1. The BAAAA MAAAA BAAA was very funny :)

  2. Aww :) she's gorgeous. Give her a hug from me xxx

  3. Happy eight months to Ivy! I love her red hair!

  4. SUCH a sweetie. You know, the runny nose could be from teething all the time. Or allergies. Jack always had a runny nose and got a fever right around the time his teeth popped through. But you're right...share the germs! LOL It only builds her up her immunity. :)

  5. Happy 8 months...she is too cute!!