17 and 18/52

17/52 You have been trying out lots different meals and are now happy munching away on finger food – although you can’t manage to hold slippery fruits yet! You recently had your first taste of pasta with cheese sauce and you’re getting more confident with lumps. 

18/52 This photo was taken the first time that you sat up properly by yourself. We were having a picnic in the garden in the lovely sunshine and you were enjoying some cheese! You’re getting really strong now, flipping over easily and scooting to get toys just out of reach. 

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  1. Oh my goodness, she is just such a doll! She keeps getting cuter and cuter :)

  2. Ivy has a contagious smile. Whenever I see a photo of her grin, one comes across my face too! What a cutie pie she is!

  3. Very cute photos. She looks so content.