Tales from the riverbank

We went to feed the ducks at the weekend {we really know how to live it up in our 20s don’t we?}. It was a beautiful day and spring was in the air! It was lovely. 

We even saw some tiny little ducklings. It was very cute. 

Until, that is, the mother brought them out into the open because she was being enticed by our bread and then all the male ducks started ferociously attacking her.

It was very traumatic. Ivy couldn’t watch. 

Nature is harsh!

Thankfully she managed to drive them off {helped by some shrieking, arm waving and running around from me} and all was well with the world.

Who knew feeding ducks could be so exciting?!


  1. I'm glad nature has been restored to its peaceful balance. It looks like you had a real adventure!

  2. What an eventful trip out!

    Beautiful photos!