Social Media: Good or Bad?

Is it just me or does there seem to be a lot of angry people updating on Twitter and Facebook at the moment? I can’t seem to log on without seeing some angry status rant or some sarcastic or hurtful reply/ comment.

It seems like social media has become an extension of our thoughts. Smart phones make it so easy to dash off a quip or comment as it comes to us and we seem to have lost our filter as a result. {Who has ever started thinking in status updates or mentally added ‘hashtag…’ onto the end of a sentence…!?}

I use social media but I’ve never really got into updating status’ in a big way and I think it’s due to my shy personality. That might sound weird from someone who blogs but I figure that people choose to come to my website - I'm not forcing it on people. In a group of people I’m the one who keeps quiet until I’m called upon for an opinion – I sometimes feel embarrassed stating my unsolicited thoughts or sharing a joke and that often holds me back when commenting on facebook or posting a tweet. 

Sometimes I just have to post though. Like last week when I accidentally microwaved some spaghetti with an airtight lid left on the dish and it started imploding in on itself and making terrifying bubbling noises; I was so scared it was going to explode in my face that I threw the whole thing into the garden. 

No-one was in the house and I was on an ‘I almost died!’ high {yes I am dramatic} and I just had to blurt it out to Facebook.
It helped, and it was fun but what happens when I have the same urge about something negative. Is it still appropriate then?

Social media is a great way for friends to connect and a natural part of friendship is to have conversations and discuss your feelings…but should it be done in such a public way? Do we sometimes forget that everyone can see it? I try not to say anything critical of people I know online (aka gossip), but is it okay for me to harshly criticise politicians or celebrities just because I don't know them?

I’m not being holier than thou. I’ve posted things online before that I severely regret and I’ve probably offended people without even realising.
All I’m saying is that I’ve noticed an increase in angry language and harsh retorts and it makes me sad. Social media can be used for such encouragement and support, for building up rather than tearing down and I just think it would be better if sometimes people didn’t share their opinion on everything.

I’m genuinely interested in what you guys think so please leave a comment. 

I recently read an interesting post on using Facebook for a tool for good - read it here


  1. There is definitely a fine line between using social media too much and using it well. If I am not careful...too much of my day can be spent just sitting at a computer screen...dreaming away over blog posts and piniterest...instead of living!

  2. I completely agree! I am getting so tired of FB, everytime i look at it it's one annoying post or ranting post after another. So many are MEAN in their soapbox statuses about religion & politics. It makes me sad! It's offensive & rude & the religious ones aren't going to draw anyone to Christ!

    I do use FB & post statuses, but typically it is positive!

  3. FB is a beast that is hard to tame! I have a love/hate relationship with it. I stay out of polorazing conversations. I hide so many people it's ridiculous. But most importantly I figure if I wouldn't say these things to someone's face I shouldn't say them on social media... no matter how vague I try to be with it.

    I need to make sure that I am representing myself well in the social media world. I want people to be able to read me on FB and know that that is exactly how I am should we be sitting across the table from each other. Unfortunately... others are probably following the same "rules" and they just happen to have a lower standard for themselves and how they live. :)

    We live in a world of "do what makes you feel good" and if that means putting someone down publicly... Yeah... FB can be a beast!

    That said... I use FB all. the. time.

  4. I have lotsa thoughts on FB, but I just thought I'd share that without FB, I wouldn't be in my home out in the country, away from civilization. It was a friend from long ago that I'd recently connected with who showed me that there was a great little house out in the middle of nowhere that had just gone up for rent. Now we're here and God has MAJORLY blessed us with this move. I have to keep reminding my husband (who is anti-FB) that FB is what got us out here. Okay, maybe it was God, but he used FB for sure :)

  5. I agree Rach, I think a lot of people just use the internet to vent their anger and to be nasty without having to worry about the consequences. To me, it seems like such a waste of time and quite frankly makes me very angry! I watched a thing on the One Show a while ago about internet "trolls" (people who put the most horrible things on facebook e.g. a nasty/sadistic comment on a commemorative page to someone who has died, etc.) when they were actually confronted about it, they just ran off! Amazing that someone can be so outspoken and RUDE on facebook but then can then go scurrying off when confronted with the consequences!

    I like to use facebook as a way to encourage and share my faith and I've loads of positive feedback and interesting conversations about faith. For me, it's one of the best ways to share my faith as it's a good way of introducing people to the Christian faith in a non threatening environment.

    xxx Love xxx

  6. I agree - and it can be easy to want to post a quick update when something negative happens too - I try to watch that because I don't want to always be complaining, and it's so easy to do on social media!