The Family take over...

Hello Mummy and hello blogging world. Daddy and I have taken over your blog because you are away...mwahahahahaha....
I know you really wanted to take me with you but I'm glad Daddy rescued me before you smuggled me out in an entirely inappropriate carrying device
But please don't worry about us. We've been doing lots of really exciting things. First of all we had a praise and worship evening, which I really got in to!
And then after that we invited some friends over and had a big party, don't worry the house is O.K. but I'm feeling a bit worse for wear!
Only Joking I'm actually fine
I love you lots and Daddy says that he loves you too. 
You're an amazing Mummy because you're always patient with me and you always look after me so well.  Daddy says that your the best wife he could ever hope to be blessed with and he and I have said thank you to God for you tonight (that was part of our praise and worship service.) So have a really good time and we can't wait for you to come home because we miss you a lot.
Daddy says if we shout I LOVE YOU loud enough you might be able to hear us. So here goes....

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  1. What an absolutely charmingly lovely post.

    Well done daddy.

    Ivy is in capable hands. x

  2. Josh if you put Ivy in that bag you are a GENIUS! Ha! (She doesn't look overjoyed about it though...)

    Hot post. x

  3. Ivy looks like an exceptionally cool baby! Your blog is amazing Rachel - hope you and Josh are doing well!

  4. Genius Ivy Elizabeth and Joshua Phillip, genius'

    Love to you xxx

  5. Good one daddy maynard... you're a hoot and Ivy is very patient for putting up with her crazy dad! Lovely chatting today - Rach you have a wonderful family! Will phone at chat soon x

  6. That is so priceless...what a lovely thing to read as a surprise. xxx

  7. Oh my goodness, this is so cute! Love it!

  8. I just love these photos. Really funny.