16/52 - 7 months

15/52 - A portrait of Ivy every week in 2013

At 7 months Ivy

>> seems to be growing and learning more each day. It’s so exciting to watch! 

>> is interested in everything, and is reaching for, grabbing and slobbering over anything that comes near. 

>>  loves to stare at people with a bemused expression until she’s sussed them out – then she’ll give a big smile!

>> is rolling up a storm! She’s just discovered she can move around in her cot so she’s often waking herself up by getting stuck in weird positions. 

>> is teething (I think) but has no teeth to show for it yet. She’s been up a lot in the night the last two days so she’s very unhappy about something. 

>> is eating three meals a day and has started on finger foods as well as purees. Her routine is normally something like: between 6-7.30am feed, 8am solid breakfast, 9.30am nap, 11.30am feed and solid lunch, 1pm nap, 3pm feed, 5pm solid tea, 6pm bath, books, feed, 7 – 7.30pm bed. 

>> is babbling lots and is favouring Ma-ma (ha!).

>> loves being out in the pram but hates having the sun in her face (we need get a parasol asap!).

I cannot believe that Ivy is 7 months old already. Having a seven month old sounds so old but I still don’t feel like we have a clue what we’re doing and it only feels like a couple of weeks since we brought her home! I love watching her grow!

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  1. Such a joy! Ivy is one of the prettiest babys I've seen!

  2. Check out her beautiful eyes. xx

  3. Ivy was on our shortlist of names!
    E is nearly 13 months and still calls me dada. Sigh.

  4. Oh how precious! the 7-9 mth stage was one of my favorites. They just seem so happy and intrigued at that time. I'm your newest bloglovin follower.

    Jessie @ Then I Laughed

  5. She's beautiful and so are these photos...love the colours in them :0)

  6. Ivy is beautiful!!! I dont have children of my own but we got to experience my niece at that age (they live in Louisiana so we barely see her but got to at that age! and oh is it so much fun! I love babies at all ages but i especially love when they are old enough to play and are able to actually sit still. And the outfit...adorable. While I love boys, I cant get enough of girls' outfits!


  7. So beautiful baby!! This mirror efect is just like what I have on the 14 week, take a look: http://gabyarth.wordpress.com/2013/04/06/1452/

  8. Loving the snaps. Your family is so cute and I am sure you're doing a great job. I don't think parents know what they're doing most of the time. They just give illusion that they do know! So enjoy it my love and rest in the knowledge God has got your little family in the palm of His hand xxx