Randoms, Questions and Button-Swap!

** So…Ivy needs to start solids soon but I’m in denial. I’m scared! I don’t have a clue what I’m doing!
With a newborn everything seems fairly straight forward – the books mostly say the same things - but as a baby gets older there are so many suggested different ways of doing things!
I know we just need to make our own decisions and get on with it {and it’ll be fine} but still…I don’t want to do anything wrong!

Any advice from the seasoned Mamas out there?

**I had my day all planned out yesterday and then a spring cleaning/deluttering bug hit me in the morning so I ditched my plans and cleaned and cleared every inch of our bedrooms. Sooooo satisfying!

** However, I did sort and get rid of a load of Ivy’s newborn clothes. It makes me happy that she’s growing but also very sad that she’s growing out of her itty-bitty clothes. Boo-hoooo!

**I also packed away all my maternity clothes and got out some of my pre-pregnancy clothes which I’d had in storage bags. 30 Day Shred (recommended by my friend Lydia) starts soon so I can actually fit into them!

** I haven’t done any exercise for…I don’t know how long. I might die. 

** Do you remember the ‘Mother and Daughter’ photo shoot we did back in the Autumn? I thought I’d be fun to go back every season and get a picture by the same tree to see how Ivy changes over the year. I really wanted to get snow in my winter photo but sadly we couldn’t get the car down the road when it snowed!

** By the way, HELLO to all my new followers. I’m loving having you here and thank you for following along. Make sure you leave a comment so I know who you are – even the lurkers!
If anyone wants to do a button-swap then send me an email {countrydreaming@googlemail.com}. All I ask is that your blog is encouraging, wholesome and family friendly!

** I’d love it if you’d send me your questions too. Sometimes it’s hard to think of things to blog about so if there is anything you’d like to know about us, photography, faith, parenting etc. then shoot me an email or leave a comment!

Have a happy day!


  1. I love the idea of taking the same picture for the different seasons! They'll look so cute next to each other!

    Changing Liam onto baby food was really exciting for me (you might be able to tell since i did it the week before he was 4 months)! It can be frustrating at the beginning while they are getting used to learning new tongue movements. Get ready to have more spit out than swallowed!! I was told by my doctor to start with a plain cereal/oatmeal mixed with breastmilk or formula and then move to veggies and then fruits. I haven't tried making my own baby food yet. I trust gerber than myself!
    Good luck! Don't be scared or intimedated! It's an exciting time!

  2. Hi, Rachel. As this is an invitation even to the lurkers, I think I need to de-lurk. My name is Natasha, and I found your blog somewhere through the 52 blog roll and fell in love with Ivy ;))) I'm a mother from Russia, a christian and I used to work in Software Development before my son was born, now he is almost 2. You can see a lot of him on my blog, which is in Russian, but mostly consists of self-explanatory pictures :))). It is very interesting for me to follow young moms from around the world and compare notes on growing children.

  3. Re the baby weaning - I felt exactly the same! My advice is try not to stress about it - even if your baby refuses to eat for months, just don't worry - I was too focused on getting him to inject stuff when really he just wanted to explore food without worrying about actually eating it - "food before one is just for fun" is a good mantra to chant during weaning - I know how stressful it is!

  4. I'd suggest "baby-led weaning" (BLW).. Its a method where you let baby explore food and self feed from the beginning. Google it for more info :) "Food is for fun before age 1" so don't be stressed about it! There are loads of recipes and ideas on BLW websites.

  5. Hey Rach,

    Trying to think of some questions for you:
    * Why do some Christians value tradition over being accessible? Can you have both?
    * How do Christians aim for a perfect standard without getting judgmental of others?
    * How did you and Josh decide on the name Ivy?

    LOVE YOU. x

  6. Thank you for the blog link Rachel :)
    Hope you enjoy the shred. Ivy is gorgeous. I love your idea of taking a picture in the same place its adorable!

  7. I love the pictures by the tree idea! Can't wait to see all the seasons together. As for solids, just start with baby rice cereal mixed with a little breastmilk or formula - it's not too scary! We just stuck with pureed baby food for a while, so there's no big rush to start them on finger foods or anything - just go at your own pace and see what Ivy likes! It can actually be pretty fun!