Meals for Entertaining


When planning meals for guests there are several things I consider:

Can I prepare it in advance?
When we’re entertaining I hate being out in the kitchen cooking when everyone else is having fun elsewhere. However, I still want to serve up a tasty, nutritious meal so the best compromise is to have something prepared in advance which can be put straight in the oven; the preparation and mess all sorted before the guests arrive.

Is it simple?
If I can’t prepare the meal beforehand I want a meal that’s simple. Firstly, this means I get to spend more time with our guests {who wants to be faffing with 17 different spices when you could be catching up with old friends?}, secondly, it provides less opportunity for the meal to go wrong!

Can guests serve themselves?
I have a thing about letting guests serve themselves where possible. I’ve had too many experiences as a guest of having plates piled high when I’m not hungry or tiny portions when I’m starving. I feel like it makes people more comfortable if they can dictate how much they have to eat. {Or maybe it’s just me?!}

With that in mind here are some of my favourite meals for entertaining {click the titles for links to the recipe}:

1.  Sausage, Onion and Tomato Pie.
This is a lovely, hearty comfort food which is simple to make and can be prepared in advance and frozen or kept in the fridge until needed. I normally serve it with vegetables from the freezer. This can easily be made vegetarian by using fake vegetarian sausages.


2. Chicken Pot Pie.
This is one of Josh’s favourite meals and is always a crowd pleaser. Again it can be made in advance although I normally serve it with roast or mashed potatoes and vegetables which need to be prepared before serving.

3. Salmon with Watercress Sauce.
If you’re having a dinner party and want something fancy but simple this is the recipe you need. I LOVE IT. It’s delicious but only takes about fifteen minutes of preparation and twenty minutes to cook.

4. Mixed Bean Chilli with Wedges.
This is a perfect for a quick and easy {not to mention cheap} laid back supper. It’s suitable for vegetarians too. YUM!

Mixed-bean chilli with wedges

5. Chicken, Sweet Potato and Coconut Curry.
This is always a crowd pleaser. I normally put everything into big dishes with poppadums and raita and let people serve themselves. It can be made as mild or spicy as you want so it’s good for all tastes.

I would love it if you shared some of your favourite recipes in the comments!


  1. I love the sound of that curry - yum!
    One of my favourites for when we have people round is enchiladas - simply fry some chicken, peppers and onions, add spice and passata, then divide the mixture between about 8 wraps, roll them up and put them side by side in an oven dish and cover with cheese. It's great because you can make it whenever and then put it in the oven approx an hour before you want to serve it.

  2. I invited people over for dinner and cooked this:
    It seemed to be quite popular. I used caramelised red onion flavoured sausages.