Home Management Folder {Free Printables}


I’ve been working on my home management folder for the last couple of months, changing things around and making some printables in order to make the running of our home as efficient as possible. 

I thought it would be a good idea to have all the printables in one place for quick reference so here goes…

Emergency Contacts
I have this at the very front of the folder for easy access in an emergency. It’s also a good resource for baby sitters and means we don’t have to write down important numbers each time we leave Ivy with someone. 




In this section I keep a monthly calendar and my monthly to-do/cleaning list so that I can easily see what is going on during the week and what needs to be planned. I’ve taken to printing out several months’ worth of to-do lists so that I can add tasks in as I think of them even if they don’t need to be done for a few weeks.
{You can read more about the monthly to-do and cleaning list and download it here.}

I have created a new Weekly Planner. You can read about it and download it HERE.


Meal Planning and Shopping List


Entertaining Record
This printable is downloaded from this great website in order to record the meals that I have made for people when they have visited. We have a lot of guests so it’s a good way of making sure we don’t serve the same meal twice and for remembering allergies and dislikes without having to check each time.



I find my blog planner really helpful. It has a monthly calendar so I can easily see what I have posted and when I plan to post. It has spaces for me to list planned posts and ‘to-dos’ as well as a linky list. Each post type (marriage, baby, home, craft, photography) is assigned a different colour so I can easily see how much I’m blogging about a particular topic.

 Blog Planner Printable

I also have a post planning printable to jot down ideas, plan posts and record to-dos.


Baby and Work
Two sections to record information, ideas and to-dos for the baby and our commitments at college and work. 

An alphabetised address book for easy access to information. By having all the tabs down the side I can print out 13 copies of the same document and cut off the tabs as needed to make an a-z address book. 


Contains information that doesn’t belong in any other section including:

- A list to help us remember what others have borrowed – especially useful as we loan out a lot of books!


- A master packing list.
I hate making packing lists when we travel. This way I can just make a quick list from this master list which contains everything we need on a trip. 


A place to keep all the letters we’ve recently received and a list of people to write back to.

I also have a series of plastic folders at the back to keep takeaway menus, post-it notes and my cheque book. 

What useful sections do you have in your home management folder?



  1. I have something similar - I call mine a laptop

  2. You are brilliant at organising :-)

  3. Love this! Thank you for the printables. That will make it so much easier to put mine together! Stopping in from the Thriving Thursday link-up at Serving Joyfully.

  4. Wow...you're so awesome!! Nice sharing

  5. Rachel you are so incredibly organised. It is amazing and mad and wonderful. How long have you had such a system? Do you really use the same packing list for different holidays? I suppose there must be a massive overlap. How do you have time? Do you think it saves time over all? xx

  6. Hi Rachel. This is just wonderful and so generous of you to share all those printables. All too often people share their Home Management folder but charge for the printables. I'm featuring this at tomorrow's Thriving on Thursday linky party. Thank you so much for linking up last week. I'm your latest follower too. Hope you'll come by again and share some more of your fantastic ideas.

    Anne xx

  7. this is brilliant Rachel - I follow an on-line community called FlyLady.net (she's a Christian too) - which has similar organizational ideas like a'Control Journal' you downloads are beautiful - clever woman !

  8. Katherine Kayhanian10 June 2013 at 23:10

    I'm really impressed with this! I don't know if it would all work for me, or at least not introducing it all at once, but I think I'm going to steal your monthly chores list and see how I get on with that :-)

  9. Rachel...I found you from Graced Simplicity link up this week. I recently shared my revamped home binder at my blog. I like your blog sheets and may have to use the second of the two in my binder. Thank you for sharing your sheets and ideas for home binder. Blessings.