6 Months

At six months Ivy:

- is putting on weight {finally!}. She probably weighs about 13lbs now.
- is feeding five or six times a day and has just started three meals of solids a day. She loves her pureed food and has had peas, sweet potato, banana and carrot so far.
- has stopped sleeping through the night {boo!}. I’m not sure if it’s because she’s hungry or because her routine is all over the place but I’m hoping she gets back to sleeping well soon.
- has just about started rolling over from back to front. She can’t sit up yet but is getting much better at supporting herself.
- enjoys going for walks and being around people. She’ll happily go for a day out as long as she’s got lots to look at.
- likes playing peekaboo and row-your-boat.
- brings lots of joy!

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  1. Ivy's absolutely gorgeous Rachel - but you certainly know that :O) We pray on for you each with love and joy xoxox sue and john xoxoxox

  2. Hey Rachel! Ivy is beautiful! Her blue eyes are just stunning!!


  3. She is so adorable! Happy six months! Thanks for linking up.