2013 Bucket List

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; making a bucket list is one of the best things we’ve ever done. 

We started two years ago in order to make a list of things we wanted to do before we left Aberystwyth. I never expected it to have such an impact. It enriched our marriage, refreshed us on many occasions, took us on some wonderful adventures and allowed some stunning photo opportunities {you can view the recap here}.

There’s something extra special about the less specific entries on a bucket list – they take more creativity and have a greater element of surprise. Like when Josh randomly said “I want to go to the most remote pub in Britain” not even knowing where it was and we ended up going on an epic adventure to Scotland. I think that was probably the best two weeks of my life. {read about it here}

Our 2012 bucket list was slightly sabotaged by the discovery that I was pregnant; amidst all the morning sickness and preparation it fell by the wayside. However, the things we did do, like staying in a yurt, were probably the highlight of the year {other than having a baby obviously!}. 

I’m so excited for our 2013 bucket list. I always get a bit antsy at this time of year…I am tired of being stuck inside with the cold weather and I’m SO ready for spring. I miss the countryside so much at the moment that it’s sometimes a physical ache to be out in the mountains with the smell of new growth and the wonderful feeling of space. I hope that this year’s list will encourage us to be proactive in having adventures even though we wouldn’t choose to be living in the city.
Things will be a little bit different this time around with a baby in tow, but I hope that it’ll help us make some wonderful family memories!

Without further ado, our
2013 Bucket List:

1. Visit Downton Abbey {aka Highclere Castle}
2. Go to the theatre
3. Walk at Oxwich Bay
4. Walk the Cardiff Barrage
5. Visit an island
6. Visit Castell Coch
7. Go to Hay-on-Wye
8. Make blog into books
9. Visit Tintern Abbey
10. ....?

If you haven’t already, make a bucket list for 2013. Stick a piece of paper on your fridge, involve your family or friends, and think of the things you’d really like to do. Think outside the box! Don’t worry if it’s mundane or a bit crazy…write it down, work out how you can do it and HAVE AN ADVENTURE!

What is/would be on your bucket list?
Any ideas what we can do for number 10 on our list?


  1. You live on an island so you can cross off number five already

  2. This is such a wonderful idea! And I like that the entries are unspecific, this adds an adevnture to it!
    I googled the expression, and found out that it is a name for a movie. We should watch it one day.

  3. I think Kev and I need a bucket list! Definitely visit hay-on-wye it literally is one of the most lovely places to go. So peaceful and full of books!