A portrait of Ivy every week in 2013

11/52 This week I have loved feeding you solids! There’s something about sitting in our sunny kitchen feeding you an early breakfast or doing late night laundry because you got food everywhere that makes me feel like a real parent! I’m taking joy in the little things.
Your first proper food was sweet potato and banana: you seem to like it so far!

We also took you on the swings for the first time this week. You seemed fairly bemused by it all

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  1. I just love her expression, so sweet and intrigued! I remember how excited I was to start Chloe on solids, its such a fun milestone to reach!

  2. I have a vivid memory of taking Josie swinging at about this age all bundled up since it was pretty cold. I was so surprised when she loved it! Isn't this age do fun??