10/52: Mothers' Day

A portrait of Ivy every week in 2013
Last year on Mothers' day we announced to the world that we were expecting a baby, so full of excitement and joy.
A year on and you have changed our lives completely and I find it hard to imagine a day when you weren’t with us. You fill my days with purpose, joy, smiles, love and yes, sometimes some stress too.  I wouldn’t change a minute. We love you little girl and I'm privileged to be spending Mothers' Day with you.
10/52 This week has been filled with milestones; You’ve switched to sleeping in your cot full time, you had your first taste of baby rice, I put away all you 0-3month clothes, we put you in the ‘big girl’ seat of your pram and you sat up for the first time by yourself (only for about 15 seconds!). You’re changing every day and I love it!

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  1. Oh she has the sweetest little face. I love her wispy hair.
    Have a beautiful week.