What if money didn't matter?

A friend recently posted this video on Facebook – What if money didn’t matter?

The narrator of the video speaks about trying to inspire students by asking them what they would choose to do with their lives if money was no object. How would they really enjoy spending their life?

He then encourages them to follow their dreams. Otherwise, he argues, “you’ll be spending your life doing things you don’t want to do just in order to go on living and doing things you don’t want to do”. 

It made me think. 

What do I really want to do? Am I making the most out of my life? Is anything holding me back?
We have plenty of bucket list goals, but at the heart of it what do I really want from life? 

1. Serve God. Be a good wife and mother.
I honestly believe that we are where God wants us to be at the moment, and if we wanted to be making money we certainly wouldn’t be going into church work!

Having said that I still compare myself to others. Why do I sometimes feel embarrassed when I tell people I want to be a stay at home mother?
Even within the group of spouses of vicars-to-be at college the idea of being a traditional ‘vicar’s wife’ is a bit of a joke. It’s like if you haven’t got a ‘proper’ paid job you’re not of worth. 

Even though it’s sometimes hard this is what God has called me to at the moment; to be a support for Josh and a mother to Ivy. My identity is in Christ and that is what he has called me to do…so I’ll just get on and do it!

2. Be hospitable and love people.
I sometimes day-dream of our future house with spare bedrooms {and a laundry room, open fire, porch…!} where I can keep beds made up and make little hospitality trays with homemade biscuits and yummy drinks and where the kitchen will be the heart of the home. I love guests and I want my home to be a place that people feel that they can just drop into.
However I think this is more than having a fancy house with lots of room. I want people to feel loved and cherished by us. I want to be a good friend, a support and a godly witness. 

It’s more about a right attitude than having the perfect Aga. We need to work hard at loving people all the time whatever our situation. Whether we have the perfect home or no house at all I still want to be hospitable whatever the circumstance. 

3. Be generous.
When I see someone with a need I often think ‘Oh wouldn’t it be cool if we won the lottery so I could pay for that new car/those repairs/ that building…etc’, but I’ve been thinking about that mind-set recently. Do I think like that because winning the lottery would make giving easy? Surely some of being generous is about being sacrificial?

Our budget can’t stretch to buying someone a car but we can work at living with open hands and be ready and willing when God tells us to give. And it’s not just about money…our time and love is even more valuable and we need to be willing to share it with others.
If we cut back more on the time and money we spent on selfish things I’m sure we would be surprised at how much more we would have left over to give.

I think we live a pretty simple life. I’m sure some people would consider it boring and irrelevant. I’ve never been career driven and I doubt we’ll ever have much money but I truly am happy and I feel truly blessed to be able to say that.

Sure, there are always things we can work on and change, but what would I do with my life if money didn’t matter?

Exactly what I’m already doing. 

{except with a laundry room included}

P.S I just looked up the most common life goals and one was ‘Successfully hide the ageing process’! Hahaha. 

What would your life goals be if money was no object?

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  1. If money was no object -iwould carry on what I'm doing now though with a slightly bigger house and maybe someone to do the housework so I could enjoy the fun bits!!!!