Little Moments {and 7/52}

I have loved hanging out with you this week Ivy – you have been a joy!

On Monday we had a busy day seeing friends and on Tuesday we went to see the health visitor and you had gained a whole pound! Yessss!

You also started PLAYING this week; grabbing and interacting with your toys. So much fun!

On Wednesday I tried take photos of you asleep, but you woke up and this happened…

Your smiles make my heart happy.

On Thursday we went for a walk at Ogmore-by-the-Sea.

On Friday you and I went for our first ever mother-daughter shopping trip. It was great and you didn’t cry all day. We met Daddy and had crepes and you sat in an arm chair and played with your toys like a pro.

And…on Saturday we went to see Auntie Sue, Uncle Phil and your cousins. 

 and your portrait of this week (7/52)...

"A portrait of Ivy every week in 2013"

I love being your Mama. You make life fun!


  1. I feel the same way about my baby!! Mia makes life SO much funner :)
    And your baby girl is just adorable! That smile... she's gonna be a heart breaker!

  2. Oh my goodness! Your little Ivy is such a darling. Those big blue eyes...precious!

  3. I'm always delighted to see Ivy's pictures! What a beautiful baby girl :)

  4. I love the photos, Rachel, you are so good at getting pretty shots of Ivy!