In other news...

The last two weeks have been HECTIC.

What with trying to get Ivy to gain weight, going to groups, meeting with friends, design work, housework and hosting things have been constant.

Part of me has felt overwhelmed, but mostly I just love that I’m busy! I’m starting feel fulfilled for the first time since we moved to Cardiff. 

What have I been up to? 

* Josh has found out he has a severe allergy to dust mites which means I need to clean.



Hilarious right? {NOT}. It’s kinda depressing because whatever I do the main problem is always going to be the very old and gross carpets which I can’t really do anything about. Plus, I’m lazy at hoovering. Boo. 

*I’ve been to several baby groups to try and solve the problem of Ivy’s small weight gain. I’ve spent soooo much time and effort trying to feed her up that I really hope she’s put on lots so I can make the health visitor eat her words regarding formula {in the most loving and kind way, naturally :P}

*We’ve had lots of guests which has meant lots of fun! We especially enjoyed playing some new games this weekend.

* I also went on an epic eleven hour road-trip to Nottingham with my friend to pick up her wedding dress. It was a fun adventure!

I could write more but I’m sooooo tired!
Late nights with uni friends aren’t so fun when you have to get up at 5am with the baby the next morning! {I’m getting old}.

Night night
The Life Of Faith


  1. Lovely! :) Very adorable pictures. Lots of love xxx

  2. Ivy is sooooo adorable Rachel!! :) Hope it's going well with the weight gain!