Snowed In

Last week we visited Aberystwyth for a bit of a break and to see friends. We wanted to stay for a few days so we would have time to see people as well as enjoy some countryside so we booked a cottage up in the mountains.

And then it snowed. 

And snowed. 

We spent the days leading up to our trip wondering if we would even get there - we really didn’t want to lose our money - but thankfully we did make it there in one piece.

The farm was high up in the mountains and the one mile track leading to it was impassable in the snow with our little car so the farmer had to come and pick us up in his 4x4! It was an adventure to be bumped around in the back holding Ivy with no car seat! (bad parenting?!?!?)

The track to the cottage

The track by the end of the week

Anyway, the weather messed up our plans a bit as we couldn’t get out of the cottage for three days and babies and long walks in the snow don’t really mix but it was still lovely to be snowed in with the amazing scenery and a log fire for company. 

We managed to walk down to the car after a few days and we could drive up to the cottage by the end of the week. 
It was GREAT to catch up with people and attend our old church for several services and even though I miss our friends, the beautiful views and the cold fresh air I’ve returned ready to get back into normal routine after over a month of travelling around!

I love adventures with my little family!


  1. The snowy scenery & the cottage are both so beautiful!!

  2. What a beautiful spot to be snowed in at!