Snow Day

This morning we awoke to find our world blanketed in white.

It was Ivy's first experience of snow - She wasn't particularly impressed.
The weather has totally messed up our plans for the weekend but we made the best of it and went out for a wintery walk around our home.

Ivy was happily asleep until someone unhelpfully drove through a big slushy puddle and drenched her with icy water :(
We recovered at home with hot chocolates, cuddles and compared mohicans.

We're meant to be going away on Sunday to a hideaway in the mountains...what are the chances of getting there do you reckon?! Sigh.
Anyway, off to build a snowman while Ivy naps! Have fun and stay safe everyone :)



  1. Looks wonderful :) Does Ivy constantly have a mohican or is it just on special occasions? xx

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  3. So cute!!! Send my love to Team Maynard! Keep snug xxx