4 Months

- Chilled and contented would be the two words I would use to describe Ivy at four months. I think she’s going to be a slow developer because she’s happy simply to lie back and watch what’s going on!

- She’s such a joy to have around as she doesn’t really grizzle. She’s beginning to smile and giggle more each day.

- Her contentedness has its draw backs because she doesn’t really cry when she’s hungry. I’ve been worried about her for a few weeks as she sucks her hands all the time and I wasn’t sure if she was getting enough milk. I talked to the health visitor today and she isn’t putting on enough weight so I’m going to have to start supplementing her feeds with formula.
I feel pretty bad that I’m not able to produce enough milk and that she has to go onto formula but as long as she’s healthy then that’s all that matters in the long run.

- She can roll from front to back now. She’s still not grabbing toys (too busy sucking her thumb!) but I'm hoping she’ll start soon!

- She’s still sleeping through the night, although she’s been waking up early for the last couple of weeks. She’s getting better at napping at random times (we used to have to stick to the schedule to get her to nap) which means our days can be a bit more flexible. 

- So far I am LOVING motherhood!

The Life Of Faith


  1. She is so lovely. I am LOVING motherhood as well. Isn't it the best feeling in the entire world?

  2. May I suggest that you start breastfeeding more often? Your breasts work on a supply/demand system... the more the demand, the more the supply. So if she's a very contented baby who hasn't been demanding much, then your breasts might not produce as much. Just feed her a bit more and your breasts should raise to the challenge and start producing more. :) Or so I've heard... :) You're lucky you have a contented baby - mine weren't, and certainly didn't sleep through the night at 4 months! :) She's a cutie pie, btw. I love your pictures! (I'm dropping by from the Mommy Moments blog hop.)

  3. She is so cute! Don't worry about the milk production thing - you do what you can, but if you have to supplement with formula, you just do what you gotta do! No mom guilt allowed. :-)