2012 in Review

We celebrated the New Year in Monmouth with friends and spent some time with family in the Lake District.
We went on a road trip to Bath.
I started feeling ROUGH and wondered if just maybe I could be pregnant…SURPRISE!

I felt sick EVERY SINGLE DAY and barely left the house. Josh was amazing at looking after me.
I managed one road trip to London. The baby had its first photo taken.

We told the world about our mini-Maynard on Mother’s Day and I finally began to feel better.

We planted our garden.
We road-tripped to Devon, Longleat, the Lake District and Abersoch.
My bump started to show, we felt kicks for the first time and we made our first purchase for the baby.
We found out the baby was a GIRL!

I started the pregnancy bloom and have never felt better. I continued to feel great for the rest of the pregnancy. 

We went on an awesome Babymoon to stay in a yurt and went on holiday with friends to the Peak District.

Josh had a fit/faint at the hospital during one of my antenatal appointments. We had to wait a stressful month before we could get an answer of ‘he’s okay – it’s just one of those things’. He’s still not feeling right but he’s allowed to drive which is an answer to prayer.
My bump carried on growing and I began to be ready to have our baby. We road-tripped to Wiltshire and we had a Maternity Photoshoot.

114 Josh & Rachel

We celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary and I finished work.  Josh went away for a church placement for three weeks and I went and stayed in Devon with my parents.
I began to feel nervous about having a baby and nesting kicked in BIG TIME.

We made the most of our last baby-free days taking road trips to some weddings, hanging out with friends, sorting the house and going on dates.
Ivy Elizabeth made her grand appearance on the 20th September!

We plunged into the unknown of having a baby, experiencing the good, the bad and the ugly and learning things that they don’t tell you in the baby books.

We started to find our feet with this parenting lark and managed to get out and about. Ivy made her first road trip; to Aberystwyth.

Ivy played Jesus at our local nativity.
Josh and I both got the norovirus and found that parenting when ill is not fun. We then traveled to the Lake District and Devon for Christmas and New Year celebrations.

This year has been full of expectation, joy, new beginnings and lots of growth. Here's to 2013!


  1. Looks like a really exciting year! I love your maternity photoshoot pictures. I hope 2013 is good to you and your family!