Ducks and other stories...


Wow! This week has been bizeeeee {somehow makes me feel better if I say it in a French accent}. I’m tired, my house is CHAOS {project organise can hang its head in shame} but life is good. 

* We’ve had a few visitors, including my Mum and Sister and an old school friend.


* I’ve been getting crafty in an effort to keep my brain alive and have made a few of my Christmas presents this year. I really want to blog about it but it’ll have to wait until January! Here’s a little teaser…

* At the weekend we went to Pembrokeshire because Josh wanted me to see the church he was on placement at in the summer. I was apprehensive to stay with people we didn’t know with the baby but they were a lovely couple in their sixties and quickly put me at ease. AND their house was AMAZING! I slept through my 10.30pm alarm to wake up Ivy for a feed because the bed had a memory foam mattress and was so comfortable!

* I’m finally venturing into the world of baby groups. Scary or what? I go to one on a Tuesday at church and I’ve just started one on a Thursday. It’s been good to meet some new people.

* I’ve been finding it really hard to wake up for Ivy’s morning feed at 7am {I wake her up} so I asked Josh to make sure I’m up by the time he leaves the house in the morning. I was thinking a nice cup of tea or something, but no…this morning he squeezed a sponge over my head. One was not amused! He did ring up later to check I wasn’t annoyed! Ha.

* On my only free afternoon this week when I could have been sorting the house I decided it would be more fun to go and feed the ducks with my family. It’s all about priorities! Ivy didn’t look too impressed and I’m not sure if it was because of the giant geese or because her parents dressed her in a violently clashing outfit.
roath lake ducks

How has your week been?


  1. Sounds like a lovely time! Glad to see that project organise was put on hold - you are far too young to be fretting about 'the perfect home'!!

  2. Haha - i love that last picture! So funny!