Preparing your home for a baby

Organising our home in time for Ivy’s arrival {during my manic nesting phase} has definitely been one the things that has kept us sane post birth. Lots of people have said to me that it doesn’t matter if our house gets chaotic now we have a newborn, and while that is true – my messy house isn’t going to make world news – it matters a lot to me. The phrase ‘ordered home, ordered mind’ definitely applies and I’m much calmer and better able to look after Ivy if things around me are sorted.

Once you have a newborn you don’t have the time or the inclination to start organising your clutter so I can’t recommend strongly enough the benefits of being prepared before labour!

Make-shift changing table while Ivy still uses her basket for sleeping

Here are some of the things I found most helpful in preparing our home for a baby:

1. Hands down, the most helpful thing I did was to find a place for everything and put everything in its place {read post for full details}. Because I have de-cluttered and eliminated piles of random junk by finding a place for every single item in my home it makes it so easy to do a quick pick-up each day and get our rooms tidy(ish).

2. Don’t forget that when the baby is born you’ll probably be given lots of presents which all need to find a home. Give a thought to where you might put all those toys, baby wipes, clothes and nappies so they don’t just end up in a messy pile somewhere. 

3. Consider things that need to be done straight after the birth and prepare as much as you can. For example I printed off labels for our birth announcements and bought stamps and envelopes so I was ready to send them off as soon as possible.

4. Fill up your freezer. Whether you spend a day cooking homemade lasagnes or simply buy some pre-made meals I can’t recommend this highly enough. It’s so important for you and your partner to eat well after birth but it’s often nearly impossible to find the time to cook in the first weeks. I completely packed my freezer with meals and cakes and I’ve only just had to start cooking from scratch after seven weeks!

5. You won’t have time for much cleaning after the baby is born so try and deep clean your house as much as possible. Okay, so you don’t need to clean your front door or totally re-order your linens like I did but it’s worth getting your house as sparkly and ordered as you can.
If you don’t feel up to much in your third trimester why not ask for help from friends or family, or look out for a cheap cleaning deal on Groupon?

6. Once you’ve cleaned your house I’d advise keeping on top of the laundry and basic cleaning as much as you can. I kept putting off cleaning my bathroom in the final days of pregnancy thinking I’d have time to do it and then ended up feeling frustrated at how grotty it was when I got back from hospital.

One of our best baby purchases - perfect for storing clothes
7. Buy lots of essentials. I’m so glad that we didn’t buy out the whole baby aisle before Ivy was born because I can promise you that you DON’T NEED half the stuff that companies suggest your baby will die without. However there are things that your baby {and you} definitely will use in the first weeks so it’s worth stocking up on things like nappies and wipes so you don’t have to make too many trips to the store.

Check back later this week for some of the things we’ve done post-birth to keep our home organised!

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  1. I envy your organization! That is not one of my strong points... I need to work on it! I have a hard time finding places for everything. I hope to get it under control soon, I would hate for my baby to gain my unorganized trait!

  2. Haha, number 5 made me laugh because I've done both during one of my pre-baby cleaning-sprees :)

  3. This was very helpful! I guess I need to get to work the next 6 weeks. It's hard with so much going on with the holidays too to find time to clean and organize. I needed this motivation though, so thank you:)
    Thanks for linking up with Mommy Moments Monday!


  4. you are so organized! please come to my house! ;)