Thoughts on a Thursday

**I’m typing this one handed so please excuse any spelling mistakes. Ivy will not settle in her chair today and just wants to be held the whole time. She has a cold and sounds pretty pitiful with her little blocked nose. I tried out our new nasal aspirator but I was convinced I was about to suck her brain out.

**Talking of holding babies…Mother’s guilt is a terrible thing. I’m already worrying about getting the baby into bad habits by picking her up too much or not letting her learn to sleep in her basket…but she’s 3 week old.  Too early for too much routine, right?

**Talking of routine…I am seriously the worst night-time feeder in the world. Josh is so good to put up with me because I find it so hard and to wake up at 1am and 5am and I am CRABBY.

**Talking of sleep…I’ve started going to bed at 8pm. I feel like all the new-parent stereotypes are probably true. 

**My new obsession is Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve watched the whole of season one on LoveFilm in a day whilst feeding and rocking…It’s sooo good!

**This photo makes me laugh a lot. Ivy filled her nappy at the exact moment I took the photo – hence the expression!

**When will it stop raining?

**I think Ivy might finally be asleep. I’m going to try and do the dishes…



  1. I love that photo too :) Also SO GLAD you are into Grey's! I have seen all the way up to Series 6 and it is addictive...just to warn you.

    Hope Ivy's little cold gets better really soon. x

  2. love that photo. too funny. and greys...definitely addicting!
    happy to find your blog ;)

  3. Great timing! I feel like Ivy is already becoming a comic genius. I love your family. You're a star :) xx

  4. That picture is hilarious!

    It's never too early to start routine. :) If you want to, that is. :)

  5. I love Grey's Anatomy... been watching it since the beginning :) Also, don't worry about spoiling Ivy by holding her too much... babies can't be spoiled that way, especially at such a young age. They just need to be held and loved! And trust me, you will MISS those special newborn snuggles when you have a wriggly, active 8 month old!

  6. That photo really made me smile!

    For what it's worth, I got my firstborn into a routine very early on and patted myself on the back at the time. Now? Now he is turning eight years old this week and I wish I had held him and held him and held him when he was tiny! I wish I could go back and talk to my 'new mum' self and tell her how quickly they grow up and to relish every moment. By the time I had my third child three years ago, I had cottoned on to the fact that they are only tiny for a very short time and I held her as much as I could. Sarah C. is right, you will miss those newborn cuddles, so soak them up while you can!

  7. That picture is hilarious!!

    Oh, girl. I am going to be the same way when i have little ones - waking up to feed? I really love my sleep! Haha.

    Grey's is SUCH a great show!!!! Love that you're starting from the beginning! I did that i guess earlier this year & am caught up now. SO GOOD!!

  8. her face is PRICELESS in that picture oh my gosh! :) too funny! I am dying!

  9. lol thats hillarious, perfec ttiming for her to make that face!!

  10. What an adorable picture!

    Having a newborn is exhausting! But it does get easier eventually. :-) My babies were not on a routine as early as three weeks. I can't remember when exactly they were on a routine, but they ended up putting themselves into a fairly reliable routine.