The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I hope you guys aren’t getting bored of all the Ivy related blog posts recently but as I have barely left the house in two weeks I haven’t really got anything else to write about!

The Good

**Ivy is still getting on really well. She’s feeding a bit more recently but we’re still getting a bit of sleep. She’ll  be back up to her birth weight by the end of the week I expect. 

**We’ve had my mum staying with us for a week and she’s been such a help doing all the cooking and cleaning for us. My house has never looked so sparkly!  She went home on Tuesday so chaos ensues starting now! 

**We’ve also had some lovely visitors, some of whom travelled a long way just to see Ivy which was really appreciated. It was great to catch up and for our friends and family to meet Ivy.

**Josh has gone back to college and university now although he’s still been around quite a bit. I guess we’ll start getting a bit more settled now as things go back to normal (what is normal?!), or is that just wishful thinking?

The Bad

**You know those days when everything just seems to go wrong? Well this week has been full of them. I always knew that with a new-born things would take longer and be harder but this week has just been ridiculous. 

**The main issue was when the back tyres on our car went flat and when we took the car in we ended up needing two new ones. Josh dropped the car at a garage across town, and then as soon as he got home they phoned and said he hadn’t left the key so he had to go all the way back. THEN, when he finally got home they phoned and said that they didn’t have the locking wheel nuts to take the tyres off and they couldn’t do anything without them. I was 90% sure they were in the car but they insisted they had looked everywhere so we turned our house upside down (with a screaming infant for company) but still couldn’t find them.
To cut a very long (and frustrating) story short Josh went and looked in the car and sure enough the nuts were right there all along. A job which should have taken thirty minutes took four days.

**It also doesn’t help that Josh has been ill with one thing or another since Ivy was born, not least with excruciating tooth ache which has been on-going for ages and is making him feel rubbish. He’s been putting off going to the dentist because he always reacts badly to the local anaesthetic but I think he’s given in and is booking an emergency appointment today. I just hope he doesn’t have a fainting attack. 

The Ugly

**I know that birth is meant to be a miracle of new life, but I never realised how completely un-glamorous having a baby would be. You can’t keep much dignity during labour or when people come to check you over.
I realise that it’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed and sad sometimes with all my hormones going crazy but I’m just fed up of hurting everywhere and having ailments that I never even considered! I just feel like I want my body back and feel normal.
I’m also finding feeding quite painful at times which is really disheartening, especially at night. The adrenalin that kept me going for the first days has worn off and it’s so difficult to drag myself out of bed especially when I’m dreading the pain. 

**I think I’m getting a bit of cabin fever as well so any visitors would be welcome!

**I don’t want to sound really down because motherhood is amazing and I feel so privileged and actually, today after 8 ½ hours sleep (wooot!) I feel a lot more positive , but I also want to keep it real and things aren’t all hearts and flowers in parenthood. I just feel like a lot of things are cropping up to steal our joy but I’m trying to keep positive and just take one day at a time.

We can do this!

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  1. Oh you poor thing! I know nothing at all about parenting except that it looks like bloody hard work, but we are all cheering you on from the sidelines! It's such an enormous upheaval, I'm sure it will take a few weeks for things to settle down, and you'll forget all about how ridiculously hard it can be when she starts smiling and giggling at you :)

  2. Keep going guys, you seem to be doing really well!
    That last picture is lovely of mum and daughter... love you all loads.
    Also you should change the ultrasound picture to beautiful Ivy... she is alot more pretty!

    Lots of love.. thanks for the thank you note! - lynda will be chuffed her bunny has made it on! haha
    Jenny xx

  3. thank you for my card Rach! So thoughtful of you :) I can understand you must be exhausted and emotional. Don't expect yourself to do more than you can, you've had a major life change! Take time to get used to it all. I really hope and pray Josh is healed of whatever he's suffering. Thoughts and prayers to you all xxx

  4. How unglamorous it is... what a good way to put it! Definitely true! As for the soreness during feeding? Have you talked to a specialist or anything?

  5. you can do this!!!!

    google breastfeeding support groups in cardiff - most areas run clubs or cafe's where mum's can give you help and guidance and support and it's good to get out of the house and get used to getting out and about with a baby in tow!! The night feeds are hard but (unfairly in my opinion) they are the ones that stimulate milk production the most!!! often fell asleep feeding mine because I was just so tired - 7 years in still shattered!!!

  6. Your little girl is just adorable, and you are such a pretty mommy! You are doing a great job, mothering a newborn is plain hard work & anyone who says otherwise is fooling themselves haha! It does get easier, but it's hard when you're having one of those no-good-very-bad weeks and overwhelmed with post-pregnancy hormones. And yes the lack of sleep is huge, my daughter didn't sleep well for a looooong time and I think I felt like a zombie for 6 months. I totally understand the cabin fever, I couldn't really leave the house for a month after bringing my daughter home from the hospital. Felt like I was going crazy. But again, it DOES get better and soon you will be feeling more confident (and less sore) to go out & about town with your little bundle of joy. Nursing was really painful for me in the beginning, too. You can always contact a lactation consultant if you are unsure or if it's super, super painful. One time I found out my baby and I both had thrush & that was partly causing the pain. The wild, unglamorous nature of motherhood was really surprising to me, too. But you are right that it is a wonderful blessing and God continues to use motherhood to refine me into a person after His heart. Hang in there, I know it's tough! It's a comfort to know that God cares about all of this, He gives hope to the weary mom ((hugs))

  7. Rach I will say it as many times as you need to hear it - I think you are ace. Genuinely do. I can imagine the recovery process is pretty frustrating and painful but fair play a human being did come out of you! I don't think you are alone with the feeding thing quite a few of my friends have said similar, but that it does get easier...obviously I have no advice there...although I have heard that if a baby sucks any nipple for long enough it will start to produce milk...so maybe give Ivy to Josh??! x

  8. It's so so hard in the beginning. The sleepless nights are just impossible. But you WILL get through it and there's a magic time, around 6 weeks, when you think, "I GOT THIS!" Breastfeeding gets easier, they get on a good sleep schedule, your body goes back to normal, etc. I promise it happens!

  9. we saw a article in a paper the other day that reckoned it takes 4 months and 23 days to get motherhood sorted! on that reckoning I am currently 6 year 11 months behind and counting!!!!

  10. You are doing great! I love it when moms are honest about the hard things as well as the wonderful parts of motherhood. Thanks for linking this up with Mommy Moments. (And congrats on being last week's most viewed post;) Keep em' coming girl!