Scenes from the Weekend

We’ve been getting out and about a bit more recently and it feels good to be doing ‘normal’ things again. Every time we have a successful outing with Ivy it breaks down the fear and newness of doing stuff with a newborn. 
We had guests on Saturday and went to Josh’s placement church in Penarth on Sunday.

Firstly, on Sunday we managed to get out of the house at the time we planned which is pretty amazing. Secondly, Ivy slept all through the service and coffee afterwards; perfect!

 The church is actually pretty great. Lots of young families and everyone was really friendly. Josh is there for 15 weeks so it’s good if I can feel reasonably settled there too. Having Ivy is a great ice breaker - everyone was loving her! I'm determined to be a laid back mum but it is a bit weird passing your baby around to a bunch of strangers! How do you other mothers find it when people you don't know want to cuddle your baby?

AND…today I met up with four friends with babies at a lady’s house from church for coffee and a photo shoot. I DROVE there on my own with the baby which for those who know me will know is a big thing as I hate driving! It all went well {even if I did try and put the carseat in backwards for about five minutes – doh!} and it felt so good just to do something normal. I’ve been feeling a bit crazed being stuck in the house all the time so it’s a good boost for my confidence to successfully do something by myself.
Hopefully the photos will come out well too – Ivy wasn’t being very cooperative!

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. My son is three weeks as well! I'm way more laid back with him since he is my second, but with my first I was timid to let people hold him and pass him around like the Thanksgiving turkey. But now, I know people just want to share some love so I'm a little more lenient =)

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  2. Ivy is such a pretty name. Enjoy every moment. It goes by fast :)
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  3. She's adorable, so I'm not at all surprised that people want a little cuddle! At one time I worked in a large office staffed mostly with women. When one of the staff came in with a new baby work would stop for at least half-an-hour, and it was a given that baby would be handed around!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! She is too adorable!