Project: Organise - Tackle your kitchen and bathroom

If you’re anything like me then your kitchen and bathroom are the main disaster areas in your home. They’re normally the rooms that get used the most so dirt, mess and clutter can build up quickly.
Here are some easy steps towards keeping your kitchen and bathroom ship-shape!
1.  Get rid of out of date products and buy minimally.
Venture into the depths of your cupboards and sort out all those long forgotten packets of food and toiletries.  Do you really need that five-year-old pack of dried chickpeas? No. I didn’t think so either.
And be ruthless – especially in the bathroom. The adverts will tell you need six types of moisturiser but I can promise you you don’t. I radically decluttered my bathroom a few years ago and threw away the majority of my toiletries and make-up and I really don’t miss them.
Also, did you know that toiletries have a use by date? Look out for this sign on the back of the packet;  the number refers to the number of months it should be used for after purchase.
Do you really want to be wiping out-of-date chemicals on your skin?
Once you’ve cleared your cupboards try to only buy what you really need. It’ll save space and money in the long run.

2. Clear the surfaces.
One of the best ways of making your kitchen or bathroom look tidy quickly is to have less stuff in it to begin with. Lots of items on the surfaces makes the room look smaller, attracts dirt and often seems to breed more clutter!
Get rid of objects and appliances you rarely use and try and store appliances you do use out of sight under the counters.
Make sure everything has a place and use boxes/baskets to keep smaller items organised and out of sight.  We have a set of wicker baskets in our bathroom which keeps things off the surfaces and out of sight. I love them! I try to have a minimal number of bottles kept near the shower and store them away from the bath sides to try and cut down on mould growth.
Don't forget to keep on top of the clutter. Put things away in their place straight away (or in the bin) and don't just leave them on the counter tops.

 3. Clean up regularly.
Try to clear and quickly clean your kitchen daily and your bathroom every few days and make sure you do regular deep cleans too.
Don’t leave dirty dishes on the side but put them away in the dishwasher immediately (oh, the day I have a dishwasher will be a happy one) or wash them up if you can.
One of my most hated jobs is cleaning the bathroom and so in the past I have often put it off until it’s become overwhelming and my shower is disgusting. When we moved into our new house I knew the bathroom was susceptible to mould so I’ve been militant about cleaning it regularly and you know what? It’s not so bad after all. It’s quicker if you do it regularly and my bath/shower is still sparkly white with no hint of mould after a year.
I can also be confident that my bathroom isn’t an embarrassment when unexpected guests turn up!
I hope you find these tips helpful. A clean and clear bathroom and kitchen really can make a big difference to having a more harmonious home.


  1. wow! This is great! God knows i need organizing help!


  2. Great job! It looks really well