Birth Story {Part 3}

Read part one and two first!

I always find it a bit weird when people share lots of personal information online so I won’t go into too much detail about my recovery but straight after the birth I had to be taken to theatre for over an hour and Josh was left holding the baby. 

I was in shock after such a quick birth and my blood pressure was sky high. I hadn’t wanted any drugs or an epidural and yet here I was having a spinal and being surrounded by a theatre full of people.  
I couldn’t stop shaking but at the same time I just kept thinking about my baby girl and about all the prayers God had answered. I found it so overwhelming how blessed we had been. I spent some precious time in thanksgiving to God while waiting in theatre {and actually when I started pray I relaxed and my blood pressure stabilized}.

After an hour or so I was taken through to recovery and got to meet Ivy properly for the first time, give her a feed and have some skin-to-skin time.
Even though I was drugged up to the eye-balls and felt pretty out of it it was such a precious few hours.

In the evening I was moved down to the ward to spend the night and as they were moving me I began to feel really unwell. My blood pressure went really high and I felt really shaky and disorientated. I couldn’t focus on Josh or Ivy and I began to feel pretty scared. 

The doctors came and did lots of tests and started talking about the worry of possible fits if my blood pressure didn’t go down {because that is going to help me calm down!} and I just remember singing The Lord’s my Shepherd to myself over and over again. They gave me lots of drugs and gradually my blood pressure reduced.

Josh had to leave the hospital at nine and so I was left with Ivy on my own over night. I loved getting to know my baby girl but the night was a bit stressful as I really wasn’t feeling well and I didn’t like being on my own. My body was still in shock at all the changes that had just happened. 

I spent the next day in hospital but decided not to stay another night. I just wanted to be at home in the quiet with Josh and Ivy.
I hobbled out of hospital at around 7pm and we put her in her carseat for the first time and arrived home. My parents had popped up to visit and it was really nice as they were able to do some shopping for us and generally help us to settle in. 

We are still adjusting to this massive life change. No amount of preparation can get you ready for it. The physical and emotional upheaval has been huge and I'm still feeling very fragile but when I’m rocking my little Ivy it makes it all worthwhile. 

Being a parent is amazing.


  1. What a beautiful birth story. I didn't have an easy recovery time myself, the first time we brought Violet to her doctor I nearly had a meltdown because the carseat buckles were being impossible!

    Oh and forget any privacy or dignity where your body is concerned, during my labor they asked if some nurses and other doctors could come watch a new procedure they were performing on me and at that point they could have been showing me on TV and I wouldn't have noticed.

    Ivy is a beautiful baby. :)

  2. Hello Rachel

    I found you via peacoatsandplaid blog.

    What a story and thanks for sharing it, Ivy is just adorable.

    First time follower via GFC.

    Hope you can pay my blog a visit when you have some time.

  3. That's really scary about the blood pressure but I'm glad the docs were able to get your blood pressure back down. I don't know if after all of that I could have spent a night alone with my newborn with no husband! Loved reading all three parts!

  4. Hey Rach - loving the new little side bar. I actually love Ivy. I am trying to think when I can come to visit. Can't wait to give you (and her) a hug. Just want to *starts to make indescribably weird baby noises* her all up. xxx

  5. Congratulations to you and Josh!! Ivy is beautiful!! :)
    That's scary about your time after delivery :( I know what you mean..after my delivery which was also epidural-free, they wanted to put a spinal in me and take me to the operating room (to repair some pretty bad tearing yuck) but I put up so much of a fuss they did it without the spinal and without taking me from my family. :)
    Enjoy your time with your new precious baby!

  6. Congratulations! Ivy is so cute. That sounds pretty scary, but glad it seems all ok now. :)

  7. Wow! Ivy is seriously adorable:) I can't wait for more pictures! Great job lady!!! I know i'm a bit scared to have a little one, but then I remind myself that women do it ALL the time and I can too, haha! love Katie