Birth Story {part 2}

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So we got to the hospital and Josh helped me into the reception. We’d left my notes in the car so I had to wait in reception doubled up in pain whilst a waiting room full of pregnant people eyed me curiously while he ran back to get them! 

We made it upstairs and they led me into a delivery suite. 

They settled me in and did a first check on me at about 9.30am. I was 2cm dilated and they said they would check back in four hours. 

Can I just say that labour is CRAZY.  I just don’t think you can prepare yourself for it at all because it’s so different from what you can imagine. I’ve watched about a million episodes of One Born Every Minute but what I never grasped was how little control you have over what is happening to your body.
It’s also weird because with a first pregnancy you have no concept of what it’s meant to feel like. I knew the pains were intense but I still assumed I’d be labouring for hours and hours. By this point I was zoning out a bit. The contractions were getting stronger and I wasn’t fully aware of what was going on. 

I was also starving because I hadn’t had any breakfast and I began begging them to let me have some food even though you’re not meant to eat on the consultant led ward. I eventually managed to persuade them to give me some tea and toast because I ‘wasn’t in active labour’ and I think the rise in blood sugar level must have triggered my body into overdrive.  

By this point Josh had got back from parking the car {he’d been away for about 20 minutes and we’d been in hospital for maybe an hour} and I was breathing through the contractions with gas and air.

When I’d imagined labour I’d thought that I would like to use a birthing pool and a ball and try and use natural relaxation and pain relief but by this point I was losing the plot. I began getting scared because the pain was so intense. I remember one particular contraction that seemed to start as soon as the last one had finished and I didn’t know how I could do this for hours and hours.
Getting up and using a ball was out of the question. I was laid on my left side with my head hanging off the bed leaning on Josh and breathing through the contractions while he held the gas and air for me.
We had a student midwife in with us the whole time and it was after this particularly quick and strong contraction that it felt like my body was starting to push. 

You know on the TV when  they’re like “right, now you have to push down”? I always imagined that it would be quite a controlled situation, like you’re the one that decides you’re going to push and you actively have to do it but I seriously did not have any control of what was going on. 

This was about two hours after they had told me I was 2cm dilated and they hadn’t done any other tests on me and I had no idea that I was actually pushing my baby out. I thought that this was still just early labour!
I totally caught the midwife out too because she suddenly said ‘are you actually pushing?!’ and then pressed the panic button for the proper midwives to come in. 

The other major crazy thing I found with labour is that I almost felt like I was having an out of body experience. By this time my brain had started to shut down and I couldn’t control what my body was doing. When breathing through a contraction I wouldn’t really be aware of how I was laid or what noises I was making, but throughout it all there was a quiet part of my brain which was still thinking totally rationally.
At one point when all the midwives came in they were trying to get me to move my legs during a contraction and I just remember tensing up, fighting them and beginning to scream. It’s hilarious because the rational part of my brain was thinking “you’re screaming like those crazy women on One Born Every Minute when they lose control and you need to stop it now” but the animal part of me was just getting on with labour.

After that one time I managed to relax and breathe a bit more and they were doing the whole “push now, keep pushing…you’re doing really well” type thing but to be honest I didn’t really have a clue what was going on and although the pain was the worst thing I’ve ever felt now I knew I was on the home stretch it wasn’t as bad as I had imagined it would be. 

According to my notes I was only pushing for five minutes and then suddenly our little baby girl was born. I was really spaced out and because of the meconium she was whisked off straight away to check that she hadn’t inhaled any. {She was fine but Josh didn’t get to cut the cord which he was really sad about}.

As I’ve said before, labour was just so ridiculously different to what I was expected that my body literally went into shock. Because I’m so slim I’d imagined a really long labour and I was worried whether I’d even delivery naturally and yet here I was less than three hours after my waters broke with a new baby daughter having been delivered naturally with minimal pain relief.

It had been easy compared to how I had imagined it and I am so grateful to God for such a quick birth.

And how do you describe the moment you get to hold your child for the first time? So amazing. So blessed.

It’s ironic really that I had been worried about labour and had hardly considered recovery and yet that was by far the worst part of our birth story. More on that in part 3!
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  1. Wow! Crazy story! I really hope mine (whenever that is - i'm not pregnant) is quick, too! :)

    Glad the baby was fine too! :)

  2. Much different birth story from mine! I love reading stories though, no matter how it plays out. New follower from Mommy Moments Blog Hop.


  3. Oh my gosh, this is such a crazy and fast delivery! I'm expecting my first in January and this is good for me to read so that I understand I cannot plan it all out! You did great! Thanks for linking up for Mommy Moments Monday!

  4. My labor & delivery was quite similar - very sudden and fast. The midwife accidentally broke my waters at my 39-week appointment and 4 and 1/2 hours later Judah was born! I hardly had time to process that I was having a baby and then all of a sudden he was born. And isn't it crazy how your body just takes over during the labor?! It's very instinctual.
    Congratulations again! Ivy is beautiful!

  5. Goodness gracious what a PRECIOUS little face!!! I am so anxious to know what my birth story will look like :) Soon enough. Congrats again!

  6. Ah such sweet pictures! And how blessed to have a quick delivery! I hope mine is fast too!

  7. Goodness, that was fast for a first baby! I was pushing for about an hour with my first. It supposedly gets faster with each child, so if you have another, you'll have to get to hospital pretty fast :-)

    I've had three children and my third was very fast and intense (so fast that she was delivered in our kitchen by her daddy instead of at the hospital as we'd planned!). Of my three labours, hers was the most painful, but it was by far the best because it was so quick. Painful but quick is better in my humble opinion!

    Thank you for sharing your birth story. Your daughter is so precious and I think Ivy Elizabeth is such a beautiful name. Elizabeth is name of my first daughter (though we usually shorten it to Lily).

    Congratulations again and I hope your recovery is not prolonged.
    With very best wishes,

  8. Oh man, reading that you thought it was easier than expected after reading about your labour just gives me a whole new respect for women who go through childbirth!

  9. Wow! I love that you are honest about how it really was. I'm getting ready to have my first in a few months and I would really like to go natural as well. I know I can never be prepared, but I like reading other women's experiences on it. Thanks for linking up with Mommy Moments! I hope you will stop by again soon:)

  10. I have often panicked about the idea of giving birth, but you have really encouraged me that I might actually be able to do it one day. Thanks :)

  11. I can't believe you went from 2 cm to baby so fast! What a blessing, she is precious! Looking forward to reading the next part. :-)

  12. congratulations on your sweet baby! My recent delivery was similar to yours, very fast and really no control over it... but so amazing what our bodies can do! new follower of your blog, looking forward to reading more.

  13. I love birthing stories! And yours is beautiful and sweet! Great job on having a baby all natural and wow that was quick!