Ready, set...WAIT!

Waiting for a baby to arrive is weird.

I’m totally not expecting anything to happen for a fair while yet (my due date is a week on Sunday) but knowing that she could arrive any time from thirty-seven to forty-two weeks is just bizarre. Five weeks is a long time to think ‘is this the day?’ every day!

Lots of people have been saying to me that I must be fed up of being pregnant and ready to have the baby by now but up until this week I’ve been the total opposite. 

We’ve had so much on (Josh being away in Pembrokeshire and a wedding in North Wales) that I definitely didn’t want to go into labour early. I also knew that arriving back in Cardiff on Sunday meant needing to tackle a to-do list as long as my arm.

I say ‘needing to tackle’ but actually I’ve just been going into nesting overdrive. I am a complete control freak and the way I deal with stressful or un-known situations is to plan and organise down to the finest detail. 
I didn’t want the baby to arrive before I felt that everything was in control at home…

And by ‘in control’ I mean filling my freezer with two weeks’ worth of home-cooked meals and copious numbers of cakes and cookies, deep cleaning every room of my house, buying final things for the nursery, putting up the cot, re-ordering every cupboard in my house, sorting our paper work, organising all birthday presents and cards for the next two months, packing my hospital bag, washing and re-ironing all my bedding (yes my linen draw really DOES look like this now, thank you Martha Stewart)...

…and washing my front door. (Josh thought this was ridiculous and hilarious and even managed to sneakily take a photo as proof. Grr).

Totally necessary stuff, no?!
Now that my to-do list is mostly ticked I feel like I can actually sit back, relax and let myself be excited about the baby arriving.
Today Josh and I went on a date to a nice Italian restaurant in town and then went to look round the castle. Josh felt dizzy so we had to cut the day short a bit but it was still nice to relax and enjoy the sun. 

I just have no idea what is happening with Josh in this picture!

I’m still not feeling tired, uncomfortable or fed up yet so I’m really looking forward to the next few days (weeks?) just to enjoy being.

How long do you reckon until I start feeling impatient and frustrated?!


  1. Aaaah! I can't even imagine how crazy and exciting and frustrating it is just waiting for baby to make her appearance :) Guess I'll find out come December!
    I'm SO excited for you!!

  2. Soooooo exciting!!!!
    Though the front door may be a bit far ;p xx

  3. round about the 16th!!! and if you have run out of things to clean tidy and organise - I have a houseful your welcome to!! Not sure I have ever cleaned our front door!!

  4. You're so calm and organised! I hope I could be like that if I had a baby. Some how I think I would be a bit of a stress head. I think you'll begin to get uncomfortable on 18th Sept (just a random date plucked out of thin air lol) xxx

  5. You are amazing!! I wish I had been that diligent about getting things done around the house when I was pregnant lol! I guess it probably didn't help that M was born early, but I digress. The picture of you washing the door is too funny, hey do whatever you have to do that will help you relax! Glad you were able to go on a date with your hubby :)