Project Organise: Make things beautiful {but not always}

In my experience, mess breeds mess. If my house is dirty and cluttered I just want to avoid dealing with it and things get worse and worse.
However, on the flip side if my house is filled with pretty things and looks good I (and others) like being in it and I’m more likely to keep on top of the chores.
I kind of feel weird posting about this really. It seems a bit shallow to be talking about having a pretty house when so many people around the world don’t even have a roof over their head, let alone the money to buy things to make it look nice. But as humans we still appreciate beauty don’t we?
I guess what I’m saying is:
1. Think about how you can make things look pretty. Your house doesn’t have to be a Pinterest dream home to be welcoming but a clean, organised space will make it a nicer space to inhabit.
I’m lucky to have a house filled with beautiful things that were given to me as gifts and it’s a genuine joy to me to go about my mundane daily tasks using beautiful things and also to be able to remember the love of the person who gave me the gift.
2. Things don’t always have to be perfect.
It’s easy to get caught up in organising fever and think you need to spend lots of money making every inch of your home beautiful.
Yes – it is nice to have a pretty home but keep it in perspective. The other day I was organising my receipts and was looking online at some of the pretty receipt envelopes and holders you can buy but I actually ended up storing them paper clipped together in recycled envelopes. They’re just in my filing cabinet and are only ever going to be seen by me for a few minutes at a time –  it would be pretty pointless to spend money on something like that when I have a free option at hand.

How much money are you spending on yourself and your home compared to how much you’re giving away? At the end of the day it’s up to you and God but just try and remember what’s really important in life.

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  1. Maybe you could draw or print some pretty patterns on the envelopes yourself?