Project Organise: Getting sorted on a budget

Somehow, in our consumer culture getting your home organised has turned into one massive shopping spree. The cost of buying pretty containers, baskets, cable organisers, shelving units and who knows what else is enough to put anyone off getting started.
But! It doesn’t have to be like that. Try to change your mind set. The whole point of getting your home organised is simplification and making things easier. Bringing more stuff into your home is only going to make it more cluttered if its only purpose is to look pretty.
1. Organise first and buy later.
If you’re planning to organise a space don’t immediately hit the shops thinking you need some pretty baskets or 50 magazine racks for all your back issues of Great Housekeeping.
Organise the space FIRST, de-clutter and simplify if you can, work out the most functional use for the space and only then buy things if you need to.  And don’t forget to measure your space first to make sure you buy the right thing!
2. Recycle.
Since I’ve been trying to organise on a budget I have been astonished at the amount of useful containers that I’ve been throwing away without a second thought. Cardboard boxes can be cut down and covered with pretty paper for in-drawer storage, yoghurt pots are ideal for sitting in baskets or boxes to hold stationary or other small items, flower pots can be painted and used as pretty storage pots and much more.
It’s not just ‘rubbish’ that can be used either. What household items have you got that could be re-purposed in your home?
3. Be creative.
Don’t immediately assume that you need to buy a readymade solution to your organisational need. Shops charge hugely inflated prices for things that are often very easy to make yourself or to adapt from some other cheaper product.
The internet is a great source of inspiration for me on this. These are some of my favourite from Pinterest...
Cheap cake tins

Car bin
Source: bhg.com via Rachel on Pinterest

Toilet rolls to organise leads. I have recently done this and it works a treat!

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  1. The toilet roll cable organiser thing is just genius!