Project Organise: Finding Motivation

Hands up if you’re feeling motivated today?
If you’re anything like me you’ll struggle with finding the enthusiasm to do ‘boring’ organisational jobs around the home. Once I start I’m normally okay but you’ll have to prise me away from my procrastination first.
Here are some top tips for getting things done:
1. Write everything down.
Free your mind! Stop trying to remember dozens of things at once and carry round a small notebook to record things as they come to you, or use your phone. I find it much less stressful when I don’t have to rely on my brain to remember things!

2. Create a To-Do List.
Take a few moments every morning to write down the things you want to achieve that day. This will be easier for some than others (I’m a fanatical list maker!) but it’s a great way to focus your mind on what needs to be done and helps give you a sense of achievement when you successfully cross things off.
3. Create a Home Management Binder.
I got the idea from this amazing woman's blog and basically it’s just a ring-binder used to round up all your to-do lists, shopping lists, meal plans, blog planner, finances…{the list goes on.}. Click over to her site for a full explanation.

I've only recently created mine because I have an amazing Moleskin Diary which has loads of space each week for notes and lists, plus an address book and a helpful pocket to store loose items but now I'm home full time I will be using my DIY binder a lot more.
I’ve also found loads of amazing free printables online for meal planners, blog planners, hospitality planning etc. which can be put into your binder (or used around the home) for simple and pretty planning! You can find them by doing a quick search online or, because I love you here are some links to my favourites:

Weekly planners, menu planners, cleaning check-lists, blog planners.
Shopping, blog and daily planning
4. Turn off the computer and the TV.
Or better, don’t turn them on in the first place. The computer is a terrible time waster for me (we use it for TV too) and I’m normally most productive when I can’t use it for some reason and have to get on with other things. If I have something important to get done I find it best not to even turn the computer on in the morning so I can’t get sucked in to Facebook and blogs.
Maybe you’re distracted by other things…but whatever it is identify it and be strong! You can achieve today!


  1. Wow - I would have thought being eight months pregnant would be a definite reason to be lazy and not do any organisation! I'm not pregnant and I'm still lazy - haha. You are a legend Mrs Maynard. And very organised! Love xxx

  2. I'm also a big list-maker: having a list you can keep with you all day so you can add to it as you remember things, rather than trying to remember everything all at once (I'm thinking particularly of food shopping or packing for a weekend away or something) - there's always something you (of course I mean "I") forget if you leave it last minute! My boyfriend puts EVERYTHING in his phone and sets reminders so it bleeps at him when something needs to be done - he would literally forget to take medicine or got to work if he didn't have his phone on him!