Ivy's first week

I cannot believe that Ivy has been with us for a week already. It’s flown past.

Our first week together as a family has gone really well. Ivy has been really settled and hasn’t cried much except when she wants something.
Things have been fairly relaxed although I underestimated how much baby brain would make even simple tasks {like feeding/changing Ivy} seem like monumental hurdles. 

First bath in hospital

First nappy change at home

The first couple of days were fairly hectic as we tried to work out what Ivy wanted or needed while just trying to survive ourselves {plenty of shoving whole pieces of toast in my mouth just so I could take my tablets while Ivy screamed in the background!}. We weren’t really eating or sleeping properly so that took its toll physically but we were still having lots of fun.  

We also had lots of family visitors {all our close family} in the first days which was lovely.
My mum arrived to stay on Monday and it’s been great to have her here. She’s so selfless and has worked really hard cooking and cleaning for us. I’ve still got a long way to go physically before I’m recovered and I’m not very  mobile at all so it’s been amazing to have her supporting us in this way so we can just focus on enjoying Ivy and recovering. 

Feeding has been going pretty well. I have been very sore at times but we’re preserving with it. I had a visit from the feeding support people and they gave some really good advice and Ivy has been sleeping really well since so she’s obviously getting enough. Quite a lot of the time she’ll sleep or just chill out for about four hours between feeds and for the last three days she’s had a four hour sleep in the morning, afternoon and evening in her chair which has allowed us to get some good rest.

Night times are also pretty good although it seems harder and longer when it’s dark. I’ve been trying to let Josh sleep as much as possible as he hasn’t been feeling particularly well. I’ve been getting 4-6 hours sleep{8 hours last night!} a night with a nap in the day which seems pretty good to me! I quite like just cwtching with my little daughter in the early hours watching TV! I am so surprised at how little sleep I actually need though – most of the time I’m coping fine. 

We took her out for a very short stroll {or shuffle on my part} on Tuesday and she really seemed to like her pram. We’re off to Mothercare for our first proper outing this afternoon…I need to get our changing bag packed…Eeeek!


  1. Awe, she is so sweet! You all make a beautiful family! I am glad to see things are going well! :)

  2. She is so beautiful!!! Love the pics!! :)

  3. Time does fly doesn't?! Enjoy every single moment! Love the blanket with her name on it...so sweet!

  4. She is so sweet and what a beautiful name! Congrats. :)

    You will amaze yourself at how much you can handle. When you become a mommy, you become a super hero! And don't worry, it gets easier as the weeks go by!