Birth Story {part 1}

Day before labour - 40 weeks and 3 days

When I woke up at 3am on Thursday 20th September it could have been any other day. My sleep patterns had been completely messed up for the previous few days as I’d been feeling pretty uncomfortable waking up with stomach cramps or needing the toilet so I didn’t think much of the pain I was feeling.

However after a while I began to wonder whether these stomach cramps were coming and going regularly and as I couldn’t sleep I decided to get up and have a walk around downstairs to see what happened. I bounced around on a yoga ball, ate some twiglets, drank some milk and watched DIY SOS {which happened to be from Aberystwyth by the way} for an hour and became more sure that this was really it. Contractions we’re coming every seven to ten minutes and lasting around forty seconds.

Looking back I’m surprised I wasn’t more freaked out at this point. I don’t remember feeling nervous or worried and the pain didn’t seem that bad. I guess I just assumed that it was only the early stages and I still had ages to wait for anything to happen.
After a while I decided to go back to bed and dozed on and off for the next few hours.
Josh woke up just before eight and I told him that I was in labour and he was really excited. We were both really grateful that it had happened naturally as I was meant to be going into the hospital that morning to try and get things started anyway because of my low platelets.
Josh had a shower and I was just settling down for a bit more rest {I figured I should get as much as possible if it was going to be a long labour} when I felt like the baby gave a massive kick and suddenly my waters broke. I’ve been so paranoid the whole of pregnancy I wouldn’t even notice my waters breaking but I need not have worried!! 

This was at 8.30am and that’s when things all went a bit crazy. 

My waters were full of meconium {baby poo} which is not normal. It can be a sign that that the baby is in distress and it was then that I started to panic. We knew we needed to get to the hospital right away but I wasn’t ready!  I’d just assumed that I would be in labour for hours and hours and my bag wasn’t 100% packed. I’d imagined that I would have had time to have a shower and do my make-up but I was still in my PJs! And of course my main concern was that there was something wrong with the baby and I wasn’t thinking straight.
Josh was trying to keep me calm while rushing around getting things ready and asking what I needed. I grabbed a quick shower but the contractions had suddenly started getting a lot stronger and were now about five minutes apart. He was trying to get me to get ready and dressed but I could no longer do anything while a contraction was on. 

Eventually {after what seemed like hours but was actually about twenty minutes} we got out to the car and off to the hospital. However by this time it was rush hour and all the roads were completely snarled up. Josh beeped crazily a cyclist to get out of the way and said afterwards he’d always wanted to do ‘MY WIFE IS IN LABOUR GET OUT THE WAY!’ driving!!

I should also say here that I am so glad we ended up being transferred to the consultant led ward a couple of days before because of my low platelets {you might remember I asked you to pray about it}. We would have been moved there in labour anyway because of the meconium so it was one less thing to get our head around at the last minute and they were already expecting me. My labour was nothing like I had planned in my head so it made no difference that we were in the consultant led in the end. I needed to be there and God knew it and was preparing us in advance. 

Check back for part two of the story soon!


  1. I think your blog is brill. It's been especially interesting reading about your birth story and hearing how it all went. Looking forward to reading the second installment.

  2. Oh wow....so exciting! Your husband makes me laugh :)

    Shame on you for keeping us waiting! It's not like you have a baby to tend to or anything ;) ;) ;)

  3. ACK! I'm totally into this story!! I can't wait to read part 2! How perfect that he got his 'my wife is in labor' moment!? haha
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  4. Wow! Crazy! I look forward to Part Two. LOVE how your hubby said he got his "out of my way, my wife is in labor" moment! HAHA.

  5. Isn't crazy how things just happen when you are least expecting it...the meconium stuff is so scary...cant wait for part 2