Just a quick update as I realise I haven’t been posting much recently…
1. Our computer is on its last legs. We can barely open it without some error message coming up or it crashing. Could it happen at a worse or more frustrating time?! UGH.
Anyway, that’s why I’m not really posting at the moment – I don’t have time to wait around for 3 hours while my photos load and the internet decides to cooperate. Prayers for the computer would be appreciated!
2. This baby is ready to go! CRAZY! I’m only 38 weeks so I’m not expecting anything to happen imminently but I’ve been getting some stomach cramps and things are moving on as they should.
3. Nesting is a force of nature I tell you. Combine it with a normally low threshold for mess and cleaning becomes an obsession! My way of dealing with stress is generally to make lists and to be as organised as possible…I’m a woman on a mission.
Today’s job is to stock up my freezer and clean my kitchen cupboards!
4. We’ve been away this weekend for a wedding in north Wales and saw so many old friends. It was awesome. I was glad to get home as I was paranoid about going into labour but now we can concentrate on waiting for the baby to arrive. Any suggestions for what we should do in our last few days of freedom?


  1. Just enjoy life as just the two of you. Babies don't take away freedom... they just alter the kind of freedom that you have. :) Never again will it be "just the two of you".

  2. It was wonderful to see you and Josh this weekend! I'm glad you got home OK. Next time I'll see you it'll be with baby Maynard!! How exciting... Will be thinking of you. All my love xxx