Update on Josh's brain!

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us since Josh had his weird episode at the hospital nearly a month ago. Yesterday he had an appointment at the seizure clinic so I thought I’d do an update for those of you who wondered how we got on.

The good news is…the doctor was pretty sure that what happened to Josh in the hospital was a ‘complicated faint’ and not a seizure which means they’re not pursuing it as epilepsy and he doesn’t need to have any of the horrible brain tests where they try and provoke an attack. He can also drive again; horray!
The not so good news is…she said that Josh was probably just prone to fainting and all of the dizziness that he has been experiencing recently is ‘just one of those things’. That’s fair enough and we’ll just have to learn to cope with it but it would have been more reassuring to be given a water-tight  reason why it has just started in the last couple of months and to be given a magic pill to make it better.
Josh is still getting dizzy spells almost daily which seem to be triggered by a variety of things such as heat, tiredness, crowded places, dehydration (to  name a few) and they are affecting daily life quite a bit. Once he starts to feel ill if he doesn’t remove himself from the situation it will get worse and worse until he passes out and he can then take days to fully recover.
It’s horrible to see him ill but it’s also quite inconvenient and frustrating for Josh as we can never guarantee that we can go somewhere or see people without it making him feel awful. It’s also worrying looking ahead to the baby arriving – how will Josh cope in the hot, stuffy and stressful labour ward, and what about all the sleepless nights to follow?
The answers to prayer are…the diagnosis was quick. We were fully expecting this appointment to be a pre-cursor for lots more tests but as far as the hospital are concerned the case is now closed.
Josh can drive again, but also I survived all the driving I had to do for the last month! It’s such a relief to know that Josh can now drive again especially thinking ahead to late pregnancy and the birth, but being forced to drive was actually really good for me as I’m now much more confident about driving in the future.
I think generally it’s been good for us to go through a tough patch which has made us rely on God as it’s been quite easy to get complacent. We have felt so supported by our friends as well and that has been a real encouragement.
We would still value your prayers for…Josh’s health. We fully believe that God can heal Josh from his dizziness and that’s what we’re praying for, but if there is some other plan for now we need to find ways of coping with it and have peace when all the scary ‘what-if’ thoughts come crowding in.
Thanks again to everyone who has prayed, asked us how we are, sent texts, letters and care packages. We really appreciate you all!

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  1. All the best to Josh and you! I somehow missed the first post about this and am glad that things have developed somewhat positively. But what a stressful thing to go through! x