Project Organise: A Place for Everything

One of my absolute favourite mantras for an organised home is
A place for everything, and everything in its place.
It’s pretty obvious really isn’t it? Put things where they belong and clutter isn’t going to overtake your house.
BUT…it’s only recently that I stopped and thought about the first part of the sentence.
A place for EVERYTHING.
Opened mail waiting to be filed.
Spare hair-bands.
Library books waiting to be returned.
My laptop lead when I’m not using it.

I suddenly realised that the most cluttered and stressful areas in my home are those that have items just hanging around because they don’t have anywhere else to go. They have no home so they just get shifted from one place to another.
1. Start by identifying the problem areas in your home and keep an eye out for things that are consistently hanging around where they shouldn’t be. Do those items have a home or do you need to designate one?
2. De-clutter! Do you really need to keep those old takeaway menus or those spare screws that mightjustcomeinhandybutneverdo? Be ruthless! If you haven’t used it in the last six months you probably don’t need it – get rid of it.
3. Collect things together. {And no I don’t mean in a jumbled junk drawer!}
One of my favourite organising tricks is to use baskets, trays, boxes, or cups (whatever you have!) to keep your things neatly together, especially if they’re small bitty things that would otherwise clutter up surface space. Even if every item isn’t perfectly stacked and organised within the container you at least know where things are and can get at it quickly, and it looks good.
For example:
I recently re-organised my under-the-stairs cupboard by putting boxes on the shelves for all our spare electrical wires, hoover attachments and stationary. Now I can find and replace items quickly without the cupboard getting all muddled again.
We have a basket in our kitchen for all the little things we need regularly but don’t have space for elsewhere (placemats, torch, sunglasses, candles etc.). It keeps things together for ease of access but stops the countertops getting cluttered and looks nice too!
Since we got rid of our office space/desk to make room for the nursery I’ve bought a pretty storage box from IKEA for all of our to-be-filed paperwork which now sits in the corner of our lounge. It’s amazing! When I’m in a rush I can just dump things in there and it keeps it all together but effectively hides all the paper piles. I normally sort it once a fortnight.
And finally, some Pinterest eyecandy to whet you appetite for organising!...

Source: bhg.com via Rachel on Pinterest

Source: bhg.com via Rachel on Pinterest

 What items in your house need a designated home today? Ready, steady…go!


  1. Good ideas in this post! I love using boxes to organize things too (I think I may need to buy soem fo rour laundry room next - it's a mess in there). Can't wait to read the rest of this series!

  2. This is what I need to work on... a place for EVERYTHING!! Thanks for the ideas!