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Last Saturday was our fifth wedding anniversary and over the course of the weekend we attended two weddings. It was a pretty cool way to celebrate and remember our own special day and the vows we made five years ago.

Three years ago, to celebrate our second anniversary, I wrote a blog post entitled Mrs M’s Marriage Tips to record some of the things I’d learnt in the first two years of marriage. During the vows at one of the weddings this weekend {whilst I tried to pretend I wasn’t crying and smearing mascara all over my face} I got to thinking of what an amazing man Josh is and how lucky I am to have married him and wondered, if I wrote that post again, what would I say I have learnt in the last five years about our marriage?

1. Josh is a great example in showing me God’s love.
Josh is so much better than me at expressing true, Christ-like love. He is patient, gentle, forgiving, generous and steadfast and there have been so many times when he has held my hand and supported me when in a reversed situation I would have probably blown my top at him. This is a great example to me and reminds me that the most important thing for our marriage is that we face problems together rather than turning on each other, and that life is too short to hold a grudge.
2. Josh is right quite a lot of the time.
I am a control freak and I have often found it pretty hard throughout our marriage to trust Josh to be the leader in our relationship when we have disagreed on issues. But, annoyingly(!) it has come to my attention that Josh is right a lot more than I give him credit for about all sorts of things from directions in the car to purchases we have made for the baby. Life is better when I trust him more.
3. Josh will still try and wear my socks {and stretch them beyond recognition} three years on and still uses the excuse ‘I thought they were mine!’ The only way around it is to sort the clean laundry myself and make sure he has a separate storage box for his socks. Maybe this is just an elaborate plan to get Josh out of doing the washing?!
4. The great thing about living with a bloke is that he doesn’t notice if you haven’t done the dusting. The bad thing about living with a bloke is that he doesn’t notice if you have done the dusting {and mopped the floor and cleaned the bathroom}.

5. It’s important to be the first to make the effort.
In marriage {and all relationships} it’s so easy to get frustrated that the other person isn’t pulling their weight. Getting into a rut is easy and it’s simple to feel resentful that your spouse isn’t being romantic enough or isn’t helping out practically. However, we’ve found the best times in our marriage have been when we’ve both been loving sacrificially and not necessarily expecting anything back; when we have made the effort first even when it feels like we’re the one doing all the work. It then seems to naturally follow on that the other person will respond to being loved by wanting to do nice and helpful things for the other… and everyone is happy!

Josh has just left for a three week church placement as part of his course and I won’t see him until it is over so I’m currently feeling a bit glum.
{why is it that I can go for whole days without seeing Josh when we’re at work etc. and I don’t think about it but as soon as I know I won’t see him for ages I miss him like crazy all the time?!}.
However, I am so happy that God has blessed our marriage so much in the last five years. Our relationship and our love has grown and matured so much and I can’t wait to see how much more we learn and grow in our future together.
Happy Anniversary Josh!
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  1. Happy Anniversary!! You really shared some great insights here!! Things we can all learn from. Thank you!!

  2. I really hope that if I get married I'm as happily married as you two are. Such an inspiration and encouragement for marriage :) Well done team Maynard! xxx

  3. Aw, happy anniversary! I loved reading this post, alot of wisdom in this.